Right buckwheat diet for weight loss: the 3 options menu

Right buckwheat diet is your unique opportunity to get rid of excess weight — 5-10 kg in 2 weeks, while the efficacy is long-term.

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Buckwheat diet for weight loss results

  • For a short time, probably loss a considerable amount of kilograms.
  • The body is enriched with a variety of vitamins and nutrients.
  • It has a cleansing effect on the body, making him waste substances and toxins.
  • Duration of 2 weeks, a repeat is possible through the month.
  • We adhere to the correct buckwheat diet literally for 1 week can lose weight for 5-10 kg.
  • Consumption of buckwheat has a rejuvenating and shoulders impact on the whole body and relieves cellulite.

For those who want to quickly and effectively lose weight the right buckwheat diet is simply magic.

Features power

The amazing thing, dear readers, all well-known and many favorite buckwheat groats in 100 grams has as many as 313 calories, but it remains a major part of not only daily, but also the dietary food. And, most importantly, buckwheat is a complete substitute for meat, thanks to its balanced content of proteins and iron.

Such a diet is not only good for their friendliness and ease to prepare, but even the thrift.

After all, how much you slice it, and if the diet consists of simple, cheap and available raw materials, then it is always better than the dishes of rare, exotic elements.

Right buckwheat diet – a diet for every day

Compose your menu for the week in such a diet is practically impossible, because it is assumed that the consumption of one product. But it is still possible to some varieties of:

  • Breakfast – buckwheat, filled with boiling water, with the addition of fruit with a high content of vitamin C.
  • Lunch – buckwheat, filled with boiling water, plus a salad of fresh cucumbers or cabbage in vegetable oil.
  • Dinner – buckwheat, filled with boiling water.

In this menu, the body must be replenished with plenty of fluids: water, compote or fruit decoction without sugar. Sugar is strictly forbidden, but you can replace it with honey. Honey you need to add to porridge or prepare on its basis a decoction. And also on the possibilities of buckwheat pour on the night of the yogurt. It is permitted during the day dilute the yogurt or low-fat yogurt.

menu buckwheat diet

To low-fat yogurt you can add 6 additional products

  • kefir (one liter);
  • fruit: orange, tangerine, pineapple, apples, grapefruit;
  • green tea;
  • dill, parsley, cilantro;
  • honey (about 1 teaspoon per day);
  • soy sauce in the buckwheat, that it seemed cloying.

Right buckwheat diet provides a specific set of products. Other products should be removed.

Merits and demerits of the mono

The buckwheat groats is quite a high calorie content. Content in buckwheat big amounts of vegetable protein allows you to lose weight without feeling hungry and similar side effects, such as weakness and dizziness. The disadvantage can be considered monotonous and limited used products.


Is contraindicated this method of weight loss for the reduced pressure and diabetes. People who have problems with gastro-resistant gastric tract also will not be useless. And, of course, women pregnant and nursing this kind of weight loss is not suitable.

Tips on nutrition

One of the most demanding and strict diets. So, if you have opted for a similar method of weight loss, I think enough of your body, the strength to endure such a mode of power. And even if you succeed in the course of 1-2 weeks were yet willing to undergo all the trials and achieve significant results, it is important that these indicators for after. Not gain extra pounds perhaps, if you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • the output should take place gradually: gradually introduce into the diet of other foods;
  • do not eat after 18.00, if you have violated this rule, then there is no need to overeat;
  • food to implement in small portions, carefully chewing;
  • reduce the amount of starchy foods, sweet, salty, spicy;
  • drink at least a couple of liters of water a day;
  • the exercises perfectly help you to make the result of weight loss.

Buckwheat diet recipe: 3 options

So, I propose to consider several options, from the most stringent, in which it is required will power, but are short-lived, and after more than a light, tasty and useful dishes of buckwheat, you can eat almost always.

who complies with the buckwheat diet
  1. Diet for 7 days.
  2. Kefir – buckwheat menu.
  3. The soup of buckwheat.

Buckwheat – groats, which belongs to the category of complex carbohydrates, in addition, she itself completely self-contained meal which can be eaten separately, without the other ingredients. And also buckwheat a long time splits, which allows for a very long time to feel satiety.

Diet for 7 days

If you set a goal of 7 days to drop from 3 to 4 kg live weight and cleanse the body of excess toxins and water, then you can choose the buckwheat mono-diet.
The essence lies in the fact that all 7 days just eat one buckwheat porridge, no spices, no salt, no oil and... not cooked.

Instead of cooking, for the preparation of the daily serving you need the evening to pour 0, 5 kg of buckwheat and a half litres of water and at night take. This mass will be ready to use in the morning, but what is most important, it preserved all the necessary vitamins and elements. We eat this porridge how many we want and when we want. Per day drink green tea without sugar or any other useful liquid, compote or mineral water.

If you are not a master of half a kilo of cereal, then you can reduce the amount of, the main thing – is to preserve the aspect ratio of 1: 3. The only nuance – the last such portion of oatmeal it is necessary to eat no later than 3-4 hours before sleep.

  1. A less strict variant.

    We eat the same porridge, but add in the daily diet liter of yogurt. It is a proven, buckwheat with yogurt it comes to health, these 2 product can be consumed both alone and together, they are perfectly complement each other. In addition, kefir rule on the prohibition to wash down a meal they don't belong. What you need to consider? So as it is rather tough diet, sit on it for a long time can not, 7 days is too much, and so long a period, which can afford only the health of the people.

  2. Quite acceptable food.

    Buckwheat is used in the form of relatively tasty, nutritious and useful soup. It is prepared as follows: in a three-liter saucepan pour the water, fall asleep a glass to wash the buckwheat, salt and let stew on low heat. Until it boils, cooking sauté in olive oil from the onions and sugar, then cut the sweet bell peppers, celery and other greens. Throws everything in the pot, cook another 10 minutes, then remove from the fire and insist on it. There are such a soup can from 3 to 7 days at maximum.

buckwheat diet output

The output of buckwheat diet

  • The output should be lightweight, it is possible to start with oatmeal in the morning and boiled eggs.
  • For dinner, eat a lean meat with a vegetable salad.
  • For dinner, eat a low fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

The stomach should not be overloaded with greasy and heavy food. That's all the work will be in vain. If we stick to this menu, not to break, then the result will not keep itself waiting. The extra pounds will melt before your eyes. In general, the right buckwheat diet allows you to not only in the short term lead figure in the order, but also to restore the whole organism, which is the dream of many women.