Best exercises for weight loss at home

Many people can not bring myself to engage in fitness in the sports clubs.

In such a situation, you can start practicing at home.


Furthermore, it represents the most effective complexes of exercises for different muscle groups that help you lose weight.

Basic rules of exercise for weight loss at home

As with any physical exertion, to achieve the desired result it is necessary to stick to the basic rules for the execution of the exercise:

  1. The frequency of exercise should be two to four times per week. A smaller amount will not give the desired effect, the greater will be the stress for the body. You should start with the minimum, gradually increasing the frequency of workouts.
  2. During the training process is not recommended to do breaks. All the complexes should be carried out continuously and nonstop.
  3. It is necessary to follow the recommendations at the time of the training process. For weight loss is the ideal exercise time is 40 — 45 minutes. While it is important to remember that start from such long workouts categorically cannot be. Start preferably with ten complex, add to it after 5-10 minutes a week until you reach the 40-45 minutes. Exceed the recommended setting is as well no need. Excessive loads can lead to various diseases and large changes in the functioning of the organism.
  4. Perform each exercise must be correctly, clearly according to the above-described guidelines. Very often many beginners forget about the technique of execution, but just from her depends the final result. It is important to monitor it, how often, the body begins to look for the simplest way, especially if it is a person previously engaged in a sport. An example based on the drawing of lisa. For the execution of the exercise the person lies down, gets your hands behind your head, then Flex your legs at the knees and pushing your legs in the floor. As you exhale person lifts the torso and stretches him to the feet, keeping your elbows exactly, the touch returns to the default position. Very much, performs this exercise, forget about the need to stretch the muscles of the press, in motion, as you exhale. If you forget about this details, then you can fulfill to 200 hits a day and not achieve any results.
  5. Any exercise it is important to start with a warm-up. This will help warm up the muscles without damaging them when you exercise. Exercise can be replaced with a jog, which is the recommended practice in the fresh air.

Before training it is necessary to drink a glass of lukewarm water, approximately half an hour before the start of the training process. Fill it for granted the amount of fluid intake.

If during the exercise you really want to drink, then it is important to realize that you cannot consume more cold fluid. It is allowed to drink only water at room temperature.

By eating water, it is necessary to drink slowly sips. In addition, you cannot drink sweetened or acidic liquids, so as it starts in the work of the digestive tract, which is located in the sleep mode state during the sports burden.

Important! Allowed to eat no more than one glass of water or your kidneys will start to work in the emergency mode.

Proper warm-up

Before training the body is necessary to properly warm up. This will allow to protect themselves from injury.

As a warm-up is the perfect circular rotation of the joints on the 10 approaches on each side. In this way, it is necessary to warm up the whole body.

  1. It is important to start from the cervical vertebrae to the fact that they are slow and not very deep circular rotation.
  2. Subsequently let into the shoulders. For this palm to put on your shoulders, and rotate the joints of the first 10 — 20 times on one side, then to the other.
  3. The next phase of the elbows. For this pulling hand parallel to the floor and the first bendable at the elbows.
  4. Hands. Raise your hands, make the hands have been slightly below eye level, and to compress the cam. Start the rotation of the palm of first one, then the other side.
  5. Back and waist warmed up by moving left and right. The hull takes place, but the legs and hips remain motionless.
  6. Roast. For this joint need a pan to rotate, as if trying to wiggle a hula-Hoop. To run approaches from both sides.
  7. Feet best warm up normal squats. Keep it together, and the heel is important to squeeze firmly to the floor.

Morning exercises for flexibility of the back

In many people who have problems with overweight, it is the accompanying disease – osteochondrosis. Also called the illness of office workers, because officials are forced long stay in a sitting position.

Due to the degenerative disc disease to the brain get the right amount of blood, which is the cause of frequent headaches, vision impairment, and decreased immunity. To overcome this problem, strengthen the back muscles, correct your posture and make a beautiful walking, will come in handy five-speed technique morning charging.

It is well develops the spine:

  1. Pigweed. First you need to sit down on the ground. Knees bend, press on the breast, the heels stick together. Grab the hands behind the ankles. "Hide" her chin in her knees. The rotation obtained by the curvature of the spine. Return to the starting position. Just need 10-20 repetitions.
  2. Snake. It is necessary to lie down on your stomach. Legs together, chin Refuse in the floor. Hands off behind his back back, suddenly throw back his head and translations gaze on the ceiling. Breathing through the nose, deep and uniform. Return to the starting position. Just 10 repetitions.
  3. Mahi. For the original position is to be put up. Feet dotting widely from 70 to 100 cm Hands raise to the sides parallel to the floor. Bend aside and trying to get the right palm to the right foot. With the other hand hold perpendicular to the body. Move shortly and return to the initial position. Do the 5 sails at the one and the other side.
  4. Bow. For the original position you need to lie down on his stomach. The legs have bent at the knees, the hands continuously establish for a ride. Grab your ankles. At the same time slowly off from the floor. Lifting the chest and at the same time legs as far as possible. Do you need to touch. Exhale, returning to the starting position.
  5. Fish. To the original position will need to lie down. The spine should be relaxed and a maximum pressed to the floor. You need to stretch your legs and put them together the heel and Myski, her hands below the neck. Breathing deep. Remain briefly in this position. Gradually begins to imitate the movement of fish from the top-down and left-right. It is important that the whole body of accepted the situation, if you swim, dive. This exercise is carried out 2 minutes.

Set of exercises for fast weight loss in the abdominal area and hips

The greatest amount of body fat accumulates in the waist area and the abdomen. Furthermore, we introduce the complex, which will help you lose weight in this problem area.

  1. A pair of scissors. For the original position is necessary to lie down. The lower part of the back to snuggle up to the floor and relax the neck. Raise the legs up at an angle 90ᴼ and do the movements to mimic scissors, alternating scheme of movement: left leg over right, then vice versa, right over left. Repeat 15 times. And only after that you can omit the feet.
  2. The oblique muscles. For the original position is necessary to lie down. The legs have bent at the knees and on the maximum pull to the buttocks. Then strain the press, to break away from the floor, to try to reach the left palm to the right thigh, then change hands and go back to the initial position. Just need 10 approaches.
  3. Planck. For a start it is necessary to lie down on your right side. The legs bend at the knees and lean on the bent right hand. Breathing deep. Perform the movement from the floor up, straightening the arm and at the same time straining the muscles of the abdomen. Just need 10 hits on each hand.
  4. Twisting. For the original position you need to sit down. The legs keep stretched before him, the heel and Myski stick together. Perform maneuvers left-right, holding the muscles in your abdomen in tension. To return to the initial position. Just 10 repetitions.
  5. Table. For the original position of lying on your back. Bend your legs at the knees and lift your shins parallel to the floor. Lower the right foot touch the floor (without omitting the legs), at the same time straining the press. Repeat with the other leg. Only 15 approaches.

Legs, thighs, buttocks

For people who has the main proportion of fat accumulated in the legs, suitable for the next daily set of exercises for shapely legs, hips and buttocks:

  1. Mahi. For the original position to stand on all four. Averting the right leg back (hold parallel to the floor) and at the same time pulling the left arm forward. Drag "on different sides", as if trying to stretch the spine. Repeat on the other side. Just 10-15 repetitions.
  2. Mahi back. For the original positions it is necessary to stand next to the chair. Feet together, hands pushing into the chair. Pull the belly and start to draw the leg back to the highest possible without bending the knees. Linger for a short time. Repeat with the other leg. You only need 15-20 repetitions.
  3. Lunges. For the original positions it is necessary to state, in the hands of dumbbells (just 1-2 kg of weight). Widely "step" right foot forward, Flexion of the knee and move the weight on this leg. Go back into the reverse position and repeat on the other side. Then continue with other attacks. The right leg widely to "step" back, transferring her weight. Repeat with the other leg. Front and rear lunges to do 10-15 times.
  4. Squats. For the original position is necessary to stand up. The heel and Myski together. Squat on your feet, at the same time reaching your arms forward. Return to the original position.Important! The heels from the floor, to your cannot be. Just will need 25 approaches.
  5. Ballerina. For the original position is necessary to stand up. Legs keep together, but not press. Get off at Myski, stay for a while and go back. Just 50 approaches.

The best complex for weight loss face

Face as well requires a comprehensive exercise. Below presents the most effective of them.

  1. Reject your head back and linger briefly. You only need 10-15 approaches.
  2. Pull the chin to the maximum possible. The neck remains stationary. Only 10-20 approaches.
  3. Take a larger, but not a heavy book. Put it on your head. Need to walk around the room for 2-3 minutes, try to keep a book on your head.
  4. Engage lips, straining the muscles of the neck, but without moving it. Just on the 25 approaches.
  5. Pronounce the letters "a", "U" long sound, at the same time straining the muscles of the face. Only 20 hits on each letter.

Exercises for shoulders and arms

Furthermore, they presented very useful exercises that will help you cope with the fat on the hands and strengthen the muscles in the shoulder joint.

  1. The Push-up. For the original position is to be her hands Refuse in the floor, in addition to shoulder width apart (can be a little bit wider, if too difficult). Feet "standing" on the fingers. Smoothly bendable elbows and fall down to the floor (no go to). Back the whole time we're holding the line. Only 5-20 approaches.
  2. Push-ups on a chair. For the original positions it is necessary to hold palms on the chair, legs severely laid back and pushes the fingers into the floor, to further repeat the movements from the previous exercise. Only 10-20 approaches.
  3. Triceps. Go on the floor beside the chair. Hands to allocate back and lean your palms on the chair. The legs are relying on the heel. Going up on the palm start to perform a movement down-up. Perform 20-25 times.
  4. Side mahi with dumbbells. For the original position is necessary to stand up. In the hands holding dumbbells 0,5 — 2 units Relieve your hands on your hips at a right angle. Shortly to remain and return to the starting position. Perform 30 times.
  5. Pull-up barbell. For the original position is necessary to stand up. In each hand a dumbbell. Pulling hands in front of him, delay for a second, then attract your hands together. Only it is necessary to 25-30 approaches.

The choice of technique is always important to remember that the main thing – it is the regularity of the exercise.

Given proper attention to your body.

Just 15-20 minutes a day — and you start to lose weight, bring you good mood and a healthy appearance.