For rapid weight loss: buckwheat mono-diet and possible results

A menu of buckwheat with buckwheat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even after six in the evening - hungry, but thin.

As always happens, the urge to lose weight arises at the most inconvenient time, when there are several days before an important event, and your favorite dress does not close treacherously.

buckwheat porridge

In order not to give up the temptation to amaze everyone with your appearance, you can resort to the buckwheat mono-diet, which many considered a salvation for their figure, although not too generous intaste.

However, such a useful product also has its pros and cons - they must be taken into account to be prepared for any turn of events that are not always pleasant.

General principles

For the human body to function normally, it needs energy, which is in the form of calories from food. If there is too much of them, then the wise organism stores them in case of hunger, and this manifests itself in the form of unattractive folds on the most beautiful parts of the body. It is clear that such a result is not encouraging, but getting rid of extra pounds is much more difficult than accumulating them.

buckwheat porridge on a diet

To do this, you need to turn to the essence of this mechanism -if the body has stored calories in reserve, then you have to push it to use this reserve, create conditions for'emergency.

To do this, you need to reduce the amount of incoming food, and it is better to choose low-calorie foods. In the case of a mono diet, this is a dish that should be eaten for several days in a row, but the rest of the food and drink, except water and unsweetened tea, should beexcluded.

This method works - the weight literally disappeared before our eyes, up to 1 kg per day, but you don't have to immediately rejoice and plan your regular diet for a year using just one product.In addition to fat, excess fluid, lean muscle mass and intestinal contents are eliminated from the body.Extra pounds, as we're used to seeing, make up a small portion of all that amount.

There are also downsides to the mono-diet method - no one product can provide enough of all nutrients. If they do not enter the body with food, it starts looking for them again inside and finds them in the muscles.If the mono-diet is prolonged, as a result, you may see flabby muscles and fatty deposits remaining in their place.

Important!Nutritionists advise against prolonging the mono-diet for more than 3 days.

Features of buckwheat weight loss

Buckwheat is a popular diet product that is often used for weight loss. Due to its composition, cereals quickly satisfy hunger, but at the same time do not allow them to reappear for a long time. Despite the soaring prices of buckwheat, a mono-diet based on it can still be called one of the most economical ways to lose weight.

steamed buckwheat on a diet

Within a few days of consuming buckwheat alone, the body is quite capable of cleansing itself and shedding extra pounds. In addition, the rich composition of this cereal has a beneficial effect on the condition of bones, teeth, liver and heart.According to reviews, buckwheat mono-diet of any duration (3, 5 or 7 il) is tolerated by most people without particular difficulties.

There are also drawbacks to this method of weight loss, and they may outweigh any benefits:

  1. Buckwheat should be eaten fresh. Reviews of those who have tried the buckwheat mono-diet agree that in a few days this tasteless dish can lead to apathy or, on the contrary, aggression, even in the most patient person.
  2. Buckwheat does not supply the body with all the necessary substances, therefore dizziness, drowsiness or general weakness may occur.
  3. According to the results, after finishing the buckwheat mono diet, it is easy to gain weight again, because after eating unleavened porridge for several days, any food tastes divine, and you want to eat more of itto close the insipid gap in your life.

In addition, the buckwheat mono-diet is not suitable for all overweight people.This method of weight loss is contraindicated in hypertension, diabetes mellitus and serious diseases of the digestive system.

Variants of use of the technique

There are two types of mono-diets: strict and soft.

In the first case, when it comes to buckwheat, you should eat only this porridge, diluting tasteless everyday life with no less tasteless water. After 3-5 days of such dullness, you may notice that 3-5 kg of excess weight has disappeared, and the figure has generally become slimmer.

buckwheat options

For those who are not satisfied with such a result, it is better to choose a moderate diet, designed for a longer period. The same can be advised to those who know that they cannot eat only buckwheat and water, even without bread.

For a mono-diet, the cereals are not boiled, but steamed so that they retain their beneficial properties.In the evening, a glass of buckwheat is poured with 1. 5 cups of boiling water, covered with a lid and left overnight. Do not add salt and spices. In the morning, the entire resulting amount of the finished product is divided into 5-6 servings, which should be consumed during the day, preferably at regular intervals. In the strict version of the diet, nothing else is required - you just need to eat buckwheat and drink at least 1. 5 liters of water a day.

This type of weight loss can be diversified if the goal is less than 1 to 3 kg in 3 to 5 days.

There are the following combinations for buckwheat porridge:

  1. With kefir. It can be drunk separately at the rate of 1. 5 liters per day (it is not a substitute for water, you should always drink a large amount of it), or pour cereals instead of boiling water overnight. In this case, it is possible to satisfy hunger better, and the stomach is additionally cleansed with a fermented milk product.
  2. With apples. In addition to buckwheat, you need to eat 0. 5 kg of fresh apples every day, preferably green. However, they can damage tooth enamel or disrupt digestion, so you need to listen to your own condition.
  3. With dried fruits. Instead of sugar, which is strictly prohibited in mono-diet, lovers of sweets can use dried fruits, preferably dried apricots or prunes. They can be added to porridge or eaten separately, but in any case in small quantities.
  4. With vegetables. In addition to buckwheat, you can eat 0. 5 kg of fresh cucumbers or tomatoes every day, and boiled zucchini in the same amount will not harm the figure.
buckwheat porridge with vegetables

There is an even lighter buckwheat mono diet for those who only want to unload their body after the holidays. With buckwheat, which is always cooked without salt and oil, you can eat an unlimited amount of fruits, vegetables and hard cheese. An unlimited amount does not mean that you can eat these foods in kilograms - only in such volume that you are not hungry.

Those who aren't looking for easy solutions and want to settle for buckwheat alone for a week or more may be upset - you can't do that.The body is exhausted very quickly, not in terms of body fat, but in terms of muscles and psychological state, so all efforts will be in vain.

If you need to shed a lot of extra pounds, you should adhere to a strict mono-diet, but consume a small amount of protein at least once a day. For this purpose, lean meat, fish or poultry cooked without salt and spices, a boiled egg or low-fat cottage cheese are suitable.

Additional tips

Before starting a buckwheat mono-diet, it will be useful to consult a nutritionist, which is generally ignored by those who want to lose weight. The specialist, among other things, will explain the rules for entering and exiting the scheme.

buckwheat porridge with butter

So that the body does not experience severe stress during a buckwheat hunger strike, a few days before it begins, you need to eat small portions, not limited toyour usual meals. After completing the mono-diet, you should gradually return to your usual diet - at first, semi-diet products, and after a while, ordinary products.

The following recommendations will also be useful for weight loss:

  • the last intake of buckwheat should take place at least 4 hours before bedtime;
  • half an hour before your first breakfast you should drink a glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon;
  • your first breakfast can be washed down with a glass of natural vegetable juice without sugar or other additives;
  • you must choose buckwheat of the highest quality, with whole grains without damage;
  • Before steaming, buckwheat should be sorted and rinsed several times with cold water until the liquid becomes transparent.

The classic mono-diet assumes a temporary result - without a proper lifestyle, the figure will quickly return to its previous bulges.To consolidate the effect achieved, you need to start eating correctly and playing sports, then the need for express methods of losing weight will go away on its own. Afterwards, it will be possible to organize a tasteless buckwheat day for your body a few times a month to help the intestines to clean out harmful substances.


Those who have tried the buckwheat mono diet have had different results and have different opinions. It depends not only on willpower (some still succumb to temptation and eat the coveted candy when no one sees it), but also on the predisposition of the body and the initial state of the figure. In addition,if you return to your usual lifestyle immediately after finishing the diet, the lost pounds will return quickly, as if nothing had happened.

weighing on a scale


Every organism is unique, and it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that the buckwheat mono-diet will help absolutely everyone lose 1 kg per day.

Among other things, it is also a risky method of losing weight, so you should treat it responsibly.

If you do not delay the technique for more than 3 days, side effects are unlikely to occur, but long-term regimens should not be used recklessly.