10 most effective exercises for slimming thighs at home

If you have decided to lose weight and get a slim silhouette and fit the hips, then it is the best way, how will the implementation of the special exercises and rational, balanced diet.

But it is a good supplement that will help you to make your dream into a reality, will be using other methods. Massages, various wraps — such ways there is a large amount! But the first step start by doing it with a physical burden. We bring you a rating of the 10 most effective exercises for slimming thighs at home.

Sumo squats

Top 10 exercises for thighs at home

All the below motion an excellent elaboration of the thigh area, contribute to the emergence of shapely legs and burn fat, but we ranked their performance. After our last year's TOP 10 best exercises for buttocks got good feedback from readers, we decided to create the same for the thighs. But, like most of the tasks are basic, it is not surprising that many of them resonate. So, let's get to it.

Sumo squats

Squats are considered the best exercises for slimming thighs at home. They are well-drawing up the inner side of the thighs and buttocks.

About 7 kinds of different sit-ups and the difference between them can be found here.

  1. Back straight, legs far apart wider pelvis, hands with dumbbells that we have available along the body.
  2. Assign the pan and slowly go to education at the knees of a direct angle.
  3. We get up, straighten your legs at the knees. After performing the exercises to monitor posture, the head is not omitted.

On average, it is necessary to perform fifteen repetitions with a few approaches. Squat with a dumbbell to start with the minimum weight.

Lunges side

Working inner and outer thighs and buttocks. Form a beautiful relief of the foot.

Has up to 7 different types of attacks — find out how they differ.

  1. Legs we wider than shoulder-width apart, arms bendable at the elbows and have on a belt.
  2. Step aside, right leg, bending it at the knee. The weight of the body falls on the right leg while the left leg is in this is a mainstay.
  3. To control posture, chin raised, only works the lower part of the body. We'll do a lunge on the left leg.

We perform two – three sets of fifteen times.

Romanian traction with dumbbells

Working the buttocks and the muscles of the thigh. Remove excess fat, attach the slenderness of the hips.

  1. We stand straight, knees slightly bendable.
  2. Bending the knees up to the direct angle, jet. Hands with dumbbells move across the front of the thighs to mid-shin and back, below the feet.

We perform two – three approach on twelve or fifteen times. Start from the small scales.

Mahi feet in a standing position

Mahi feet in a standing position

Working the buttocks and the muscles on the front and inner side of the thigh. To get more powerful thighs and perfect buttocks, making the slender legs. For inflation and extension of the hips we use weights.

There are 4 different kinds of Mach, aimed at working different sides of the thighs.

  1. We stand exactly, his hand holding support.
  2. Allocate a direct step to the side, by mach with a maximum amplitude.
  3. We follow the posture, back straight after exercise, the body is not cant, only work the legs.

At each step we do twelve repetitions, the number of approaches – from two to five.

Exercise "Chair" (static)

"Chair", despite its apparent simplicity, it helps to burn the calories and exercises is ideal for the roundness of the hips and buttocks.

  1. We get up back to the wall and waste from her for half a step.
  2. Rely on the back, we're starting to fall on an imaginary chair. And in the hip and knee joints should be straight corners – like when we sit on a chair.
  3. Hands dive down or crossed over the chest.
  4. Long this condition as much as we can – one or two minutes.

The optimal number of repetitions for "shaping" the ideal of the hips — from two to five times.

Hyperextension feedback

Work the muscles of the press, back, hips, buttocks.

  1. For the execution of the exercise you will need two chairs or two chairs, on which you need to put together. It is important that the design was stable. Go to the stomach so as to fit the casing — of the hip joints to the shoulder joints.
  2. The feet rest on the floor, leaning against the toes and the soles of the feet on the floor. Hands comfortable position under the breast.
  3. On the exhale, raise the legs on one line with the body, and the touch — omit.

Repeat eight to ten times.


Work the muscles of the press, back, thighs. Exercise helps build lean line of thigh and covers the ears (wings) on the sides. "Scissors" — it's not only exercise, cleaning the "ears" on the thighs.

  1. Go to the on the floor, hands parallel to the body, shoulders pressed to the floor.
  2. Interruption of the straight legs from the floor at a slight angle. Perfect if your legs will be placed as close as possible to the floor, but not touching him.
  3. We carry out the movement of your legs so, as should float. The legs at the knees to bend not. One can imagine also that the movement reminiscent of the movement of the blade of scissors – one leg close to the floor, the second is deleted from it.
  4. The amplitude of the motion is small, it is the burden on the thigh high.

Repeat ten times.


Platform — a gymnastic bench. Performing the exercise with it helps keep the muscles in good shape and burn calories. Loaded front, inner and back part of the thigh, but also the buttocks.

  1. Take the dumbbells in hand and we step on the platform with his left foot. It should stand on the platform, form a straight angle.
  2. Leg to straighten the knee and lift up on the platform with both feet. The delay on the second and fall to the floor.
  3. We carry out a set number of steps, first for the left leg, and then the same right.
  4. The pace of implementation is average, control balance.
Selegiline on the platform

The amount of exercise for tightening the thighs – ten – twelve with several approaches.

Lunges with Jumping

The exercises perfectly burns calories, strengthens the muscles of the thighs and calves. The intensity of this burden will help to reduce the size of the zone of the thighs and make your legs visually smaller and thinner. Such lunges perfectly remove the fat between the legs, which allows it to reach the lumen.

  1. We are exactly doing right foot step forward and keep moving on her, the weight of the body.
  2. The right leg should be bent at a right angle, the knee of the left leg is nearly parallel to the floor. Keep the posture with a straight back and unzipped his shoulders.
  3. Rely on the legs of the right foot, bounce up and fall the same place. During the jump you can help yourself by moving your hand.
  4. Another swipe is performed on the left leg.

The number of attacks for shaping of the hips – to twelve with several approaches.

Squats "pistols"

The muscles of the legs work with the largest load. A strong load in the squat is experiencing knee joint. Exercise refers to a higher level of difficulty, and it is available for anyone who has a good physical preparation.

  1. Perform squats on one leg and the other pulling ahead. Exercise develops coordination (in the initial stages it is possible to hold with one hand behind the bench).
  2. Then repeat the "gun" for the other leg.

Workout great burn calories, and pump the muscles of the legs. The amount of exercise for the hips – ten – twelve.

5 certified training complexes

What you need to do, is true of the thigh, in addition to the individual exercises? There are even entire training complexes, the use of which can show excellent results in slimming of the whole body and hip area especially. We present to you the top 5 most effective programs.


Bodyflex — beautiful charging for the thighs and buttocks. Exercises are a combination of respiratory gymnastics with the carrying out of certain exercises.

Breathing exercises, or so-called diaphragmatic breathing, with the help of which is active saturate the body with oxygen, helps to restore the cells of the organism.

This happens when holding your breath, after which there is a sharp and quick breath.

The aim of bodyflex is a weight loss, strengthen the muscles and improve the overall state of the organism. How to remove the volume of the thighs and hips, or at least reduce it? Those who constantly practicing bodyflex, as usual, never suffer from overweight.


Is stretching exercises, which helps to remove the hips, improve overall health, fitness, prevention of pain in the spine and joints.

This kind of fitness used as a stand-alone training, but also in the composition of the complex of exercises.

Stretching helps improve the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, supports the preparation to a force load. Therefore, all the complexes of exercises it is always recommended to start with stretching.

Catching the stretching, you can improve the condition of the nervous system and removing mental stress. This type of fitness contributes to the creation of beautiful hips, slender figure and perfect posture.



Represents a special complex of physical and breathing exercises, aimed at improving the body flexibility, strengthen the muscles and ligaments, the development of coordination. You are going to this kind of fitness help to release tension in the muscles, improve sleep.

Pilates is not an age limit – they can indulge in a person of any age group, as well as men and women.

There is a special set of exercises during pregnancy, which meet positively affects the health and mood of women and prepares the body for childbirth.


There are certain models of the female characters with their forms, and for each of them are compared to some complexes of exercises. By performing special exercises, you can improve the parameters of the specific characters and their approach to the standard.

Shaping is perfectly suited for the study of the zone of the thighs and get rid of superfluous kilograms, gives a slim waist. The exercise is suitable for wider hips and burning excess volume of the muscles.

The complex is assembled individually for each woman, and is aimed at the transmission of figure of proportional forms.


Represents the type of fitness and is in various types of load on different muscle groups, including the thighs, work in a high pace. The main objective is the development of a good physical form.

Crossfit can pose a variety of exercises, running with obstacles, lessons on simulators, force loads, gymnastics. It depends on the exercise program, compiled on the date of the day. The next day it is assembled a different kind of program.

Features crossfit – a small, but very intense duration of the lesson. This type of exercise develops physical fitness, reaction speed, endurance and logical thinking in non-standard situations.

How to remove fat from hips — 6 other effective methods and tips

Once only physical activity you can achieve a pretty result. However, for the quick burning of fat and the determination of the results of a comprehensive approach is required. How to lose weight in the hips in domestic conditions, in addition to physical exertion? In conclusion, we present to Your attention 6 effective methods of weight loss, including the hips.

A special diet for the thighs

Food restrictions – the first thing you need to pay attention, if you need to lose the poles. The principles of the diet are the reduction of body weight by reducing the calories used products and use in the diet of useful products.

Nutritionists is not recommended to use solid food, because after using them the weight comes back again.

The most sensible is to reduce calorie diet and replacing foods with a high calorie to calorie products. Just in this way manage to drive and burn off the fat and achieve slender hips.

Important is the exclusion from the consumption of fried foods, because it doubles the caloric value of each meal.

Please note! Prerequisite of losing weight is to eat simple clean water in addition to other beverages.

Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss

There are a variety of directions and kinds of respiratory gymnastics. All help, how to get rid of fat on the thighs and in the abdominal area, to stabilize the weight, contribute to the active breakdown of fat cells, strengthen immunity, improve mood, give strength to body and spirit. The goal is not only weight loss, but also strengthen the health.


It is not surprising that in many practices, this is the reason breathing exercises is put at such a significant place. Part of the respiratory gymnastics is characterized by literally in all the complexes exercises that we perform: "exhale – tension, breath – relaxation".

The respiratory gymnastics is recommended to use for weight loss in combination with any kind of exercise: swimming, fitness. It is necessary to apply the principles of rational nutrition.

Training of the cardiovascular equipment of the local

Tools that contribute to the strengthening of muscles, burning of body fat in the thigh area, increase endurance, train the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

You can choose any simulator, it is appropriate to the greatest extent possible, to do it for you, trying to work on it. Stepper or treadmill, elliptical trainer or exercise bike – the choice is yours!

How to remove fat from the hips? Do it in home conditions at least 30-40 minutes a day. If you are several times a week you will train on each of them, then say goodbye to excess weight and strengthen the muscles of the thighs after a few months of exercise.

Exercise outdoors

Assume a combination of different types of physical activity – walking, jogging, running with obstacles, jumps in length, the different types of gymnastics in the open air.

Run great helps in the fight with deficiencies in the areas of the hips, it does not require the cost and a large amount of time.

Such exercises are generally very useful for the organism – they increase immunity, promote endurance, promote weight loss, improve metabolism.

Increasing your physical activity, the person becomes thinner, the muscles in the thighs to catch up, and change temperature regimes strengthens and relieves the body. Sports doctors recommend to combine exercise in the gym or at home with workouts outside.