Diet is the biggest

Every representative of the fairer sex knows what is a diet. It is very strenuous work – deny yourself in this, that madly wants to; lose weight, to lose a kilogram a kilogram, to rejoice in the results, and then suddenly turn everything back.

Very frustrating, when everything he's worked for a whole year, it took the cat under the tail, because he was improperly selected food. What is the most effective diet for weight loss? Diet a number, but it's unrealistic to test every wearing.

Let's consider the most effective options.

the best diet

The best diet

Diet – this is the way the modal power and one of the most effective ways to monitor the appearance, character and health.

All interested in the greater extent of the diet, that help to quickly and effectively lose weight, but you have to understand, what criteria should hold when choosing.

Try to use the following advice to make the right choice for a quick, correct and effective weight loss:

  • It is important to prefer not only rapid, but healthy weight loss, during which your vitamin at least on the day will be limited, and the body will not feel the stress due to the rapid loss of vital substances and elements.
  • If you can't withstand the harsh diets, do not force yourself, so it's not for you, choose a more gentle mode of eating.
  • The main principle of all diets – this is a calorie counting and strict maintenance of the circadian maximum that you can afford the meal (it should be less than 1200 kcal).

Remember that every body and the various processes in it, an individual alone is very difficult to calculate the correct diet you will be fit from all available diversity. Consider further, and their health status.

Consult with a dietitian who is professionally will select for you the ideal way of eating.

But you have to choose from, look at the list of favorite diet of the diet world and choose for yourself the best effective diet for weight loss.

Extravagant name for this system obtained due to the popularity of the hollywood factory of stars. Its main ingredient of seafood. It is necessary to give up the bread and carefully monitor the amount of consumed fats, carbohydrates, sugar, salt.

The stars are losing with such a diet is an average of 7 units of Products, which should be consumed, according to the Hollywood mode of nutrition, it is more eggs, fish products, white meat, fruits and vegetables with low carbohydrate content.

Here are some rules to this diet:

  1. Breakfast is not available, the only thing you can afford – this is one cup of coffee/tea or eat the soul from the grapefruit.
  2. The method of food processing – steam, cooked, baking.
  3. Eating is traditionally divided into 5-6 approaches.
  4. Abundantly drink water (2 liters per day).

Protein – minus 20 kg

It is the most effective diet for weight loss suited for those who is absolutely indifferent to candy and gravitating more to the meat products. The system is based on the consumption of proteins (i.e.

it's more meat): the principle is based on the nutritional protein products that successfully satisfy hunger. And yet this diet has a wide demand in athletes, because it is effective in building muscle mass.

The basic rules, which you need to stick metabolism diet:

  1. One serving always consists of a protein product and a food with a high content of nutrients.
  2. Is respected fractional food, and small portions of food.
  3. Eat breakfast about an hour later after waking up, and enjoy excellent meals in a couple of hours before bedtime.
  4. Only in the first half of the day is allowed to eat one any unsweetened citrus fruit.
  5. Traditionally – excessive drinking.
  6. Adhere to such a diet is allowed a maximum of two weeks in the year (the harmful a long time to go without carbs and fat).
single diet

Single diet – minus 30 kg for 90 days

Single diet provides a special mode, during which you strictly watch the food and eat their food, not linking to share with others. Allowed to eat almost anything, under one condition: the products must be compatible with each other, or the interval of their income should not be less than two hours. Follow these rules of nutrition, how to follow this diet:

  • Different kinds of protein can not be consumed together.
  • Not to combine in the diet of fats and proteins.
  • Acidic fruits are not recommended to eat protein with your meals.
  • Products that nothing at all could not be combined: milk, tomatoes, watermelon, pear, melon.

The bulk of women when choosing the optimal diet for themselves and is governed by the number of positive ratings for this or that mode of diet food.

There are diets, which are universal, and help the nearly absolute number of people to achieve a hundred percent result.

The effect will be quick and impressive, however this species differs lack of the diet and it belongs to the hard dieting, endure which is able to not everyone. Let's look at some diets, the best in the fight with overweight, according to the evaluation.

Kefir – lose weight in 3 days

Feature of this system is of strict eating according to a specific time (every eating disorder – my time for consumption). And the main product that is present the entire section of the diet – it is yogurt.

The efficiency is directly dependent on what is your default weight: the more – the greater the amount of kilograms you have to leave.

Meet with an example of a menu for three days that you can use in your power mode on this diet (monotonous food every day, the interval of each meal – 2 hours):

  1. Waking up at 7 o'clock in the morning, drink green tea without sugar (use sweetener).
  2. Prepare the carrot salad: two carrots on a grater with one teaspoon of olive oil.
  3. One apple, follow with a glass of one percent yogurt.
  4. For lunch, prepare the boiled beef (100 g), you can substitute white meat chicken or turkey without the skin.
  5. One unsweetened apple.
  6. Dried prunes (10 pieces).
  7. Last meal in seven hours, it is restricted to one glass of the same low-fat yogurt.

Buckwheat – minus 10 kg per week

Belongs to a very strict diet, its essence lies in the eating of the main product – the buckwheat, which is prepared from the evening: pour warm water and wait.

Rare varieties of products is a drinking yogurt or green tea. But the review belongs to one of the most effective and useful systems diet regime.

Important conditions that must be observed in nutrition:

  1. Home eat 5 hours before bedtime.
  2. If you strongly want to eat at night, or you suffer from constipation, for one hour before going to bed you can afford one cup of fat-free yogurt.
  3. An important condition for cooking buckwheat: cooking in the steam.
  4. Another product that you can afford – weak consistency of the green tea.

The Menu for each day:

  • For half an hour before breakfast get ready and drink a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of honey and a few lobules of lemon.
  • A proper breakfast should consist of small servings of buckwheat and green unsweetened tea.
  • Lunch same as breakfast.
  • Dinner – similar.
  • Always remember about the water, no less than 2 liters per day.
diet standing

How to prevent the collapse of the diets?

Most often the cause of "failure" to the diet becomes a failure to overcome the obsessive feeling of hunger, which is born in result of restrictions calorie foods and change in eating habits.

To reduce appetite and to avoid failure, the doctors recommend the use of drugs that act directly on the hunger center in the brain and reduces appetite.

Traffic days for weight loss at home

After the termination of the long holidays all need to fasting days in the diet not only to control weight, but also for the recovery of the loaded digestive system, to put in order his creatures.

Some use this method of dieting regularly (once a week/month), to carry out prevention of the emergence of extra pounds and minimize the risks better.

About the effectiveness of fasting days for weight loss, check out the video:

Simple and effective diet for weight loss after giving birth

The status of women after childbirth in itself requires a diet, does not even order to postroynet, and can a nursing mother not to hurt your child by, it is used in food.

So, diet becomes a maximum dietary measures, which are categorically forbidden fatty foods, leeks, all kinds of sweets, a greater amount of vegetables, almost all fruits.

All food is prepared in the steamed, stew, or boil, in an extreme case, is baked in the oven. A few rules when diet for weight loss abdomen poslerodovm:

  • Sweets and all kinds of dough exclude from your diet.
  • Food should be modest in portions, but often.
  • For the four hours before bedtime to produce a last meal.
  • Meat and low-fat products must be present in your diet necessarily, as well as other useful substances, urgently needed in this period of (vitamins).
  • Exclude salted, smoked, spicy, spicy food.

Menu fasting days, based on protein products:

  1. For the whole day to distribute half a kilo of low fat cottage cheese.
  2. For dinner, boil half a pound of white meat without adding salt or fish.
  3. For dinner, eat a boiled egg (two pieces) plus a daily standard of hard cheese – 300 grams.
  4. In the course of the day, drink one liter of grease sour milk, yogurt.

Unloading diet, food which is based on the consumption of carbohydrates. It allows you to intake eat raw fruits or vegetables up to one and a half kilogram (not grapes and a banana). For variety, you can bake yourself apples. The supplement foods with a small amount of low-fat cream or olive oil. Use the following menu in your nutrition:

  1. Assigned during the day one liter of low-fat yogurt, breakfast – 200 grams of bran.
  2. During the day eat a total of one kilogram of boiled potatoes.
  3. Take 150 grams of cooked rice, split in three portions, to eat for breakfast, with cinnamon, for lunch grated apple and for dinner – a carrot or sweet pepper.
  4. Follow strict regime in your food.

Best diet for quick weight loss at home

simple diet

Light diet for weight loss – is the dream of millions of women. Many people dream to lose weight, it is not only easy, but also very fast, up to 10 kg in a week, and even more.

The desire is understandable, but not entirely logical. Because a person gaining weight is not a short period of time. There are many diets for quick weight loss, it is worth to get acquainted with the most popular choice.

But before he sat on the express diet, it is necessary to understand on what is based this or that system. In addition, nutritionists strongly recommend to use these systems regularly.

How to lose weight using fast diets properly

Under the quick weight loss often meant a sharp decline in weight in a short period of time. It is necessary to remember that the weight is changing rapidly by the following factors:

  1. Violation of the water balance. The body consists to 60 percent of the water. Drop the weight by more than 1 kilogram a week is indicative of the loss of water in the body, rather than fat mass;
  2. Emptying of the bowel. It is understood that in the intestines, in large quantities are available the remnants of undigested food, their weight can reach 10 kg. Diet aimed at cleansing the intestines, promotes leaching of waste substances, thanks to which reaching fast weight reduction.

The loss of fat mass takes place very slowly. Why quick dieting, usually do not give a zero result in weight loss. After the restoration of water balance and content of the bowel weight again will return.

It is important to not only lose weight quickly but safely. To do this it is necessary to properly adhere to all the rules of the fast diet.

  1. Harmonisation with an expert. Absolutely healthy people, not everyone knows about their problems with health. Before you start to stick a power supply system, it is necessary to check at the doctor, consult with a nutritionist, to discuss with him the main points of the diet.
  2. In most cases a quick result to give mono, when their respect for the experts recommend taking a multivitamin. This will allow the body in conditions of limited food to receive all the minerals and beneficial substances.
  3. High efficiency show diet combined with physical activity. Optionally blow on gyms and fitness clubs, the more that not everyone has such options. Enough to give up the elevator and climb to the desired floor on foot and travel by public transport to work, to replace the hiking.
  4. Important point – the right path out from the diet. In order to not harm the body, return to a normal diet it is worth gradually. This prevents the off pounds return. It is advisable to constantly stick to a balanced diet and follow the rules of eating.

Most quick diets, that connects one – a considerable reduction in calorie diet. This leads to a loss of muscle tissue, because the body takes energy from muscles.

The lack of salt in many diets causes temporary dehydration. These problems are guilty of diets without salt. To the muscles during weight loss, it is necessary to consume enough protein. A slight amount of salt to solve the problem of dehydration.

Whether it is the selected diet, if you carefully weigh the make and get the advice of a nutritionist and your doctor, it's a technique that give your preference, for you will be diet alone-the best and will give you the result that you expect from him!