Charging weight loss at home

Morning exercise for weight loss is required for obtaining a lean physique, increase tone, improve well being, improve health. To carry out it can be in home conditions. There are several effective exercises to work the gluteal muscles, the press, the neck and other muscles. It is not necessary even sports equipment. It is also possible to choose the appropriate length of charge – from 5 to 20 min


The benefits of early morning charging

Charging for weight loss at home should be done regularly and comprehensively.

The advantages of charging in the morning:

  • increase endurance and working capacity. Of physical activity blood actively moving the blood vessels and organs saturated with nutrients, oxygen;
  • recovery of the organism. Improves the work of respiratory organs, of the brain. In addition, it achieved positive changes in a person's posture, which also contributes to the removal of some disease;
  • good mood even with the early wake-up. You can perform exercises under the refreshing music;
  • improve the sleep mode. Work of the biological clock, a person goes to sleep at a certain time to wake up in the morning with ease.

Make a small charge it is possible every day, but overdoing it.

How to do morning exercises at home

The positive effect is achieved only with the regular teaching. The selected complex of perform from 4 to 7 times a week. In a smaller number of repetitions the result may not manifest itself for a long time. Excessive zeal morning gymnastics can lead to rapid fatigue, fatigue. The load increase gradually.

Tips for the implementation of charging:

  1. Before the start of the morning exercises should create a positive mood.
  2. It is recommended to ventilate the room and wear light, comfortable clothes.
  3. You can drink a glass of water, but a sumptuous breakfast used only after the execution of the exercises.
  4. For weight loss should begin with a 10 – min charging, gradually increasing the time to 15 and 20 minutes
  5. We place emphasis on all muscles, not just the press or buttocks.
  6. Exercise is necessary to alternate. One and the same movement is performed continuously, after a while, it ceases to benefit.
  7. To reduce the likelihood of injury is necessary to begin exercises with warm-up.
  8. For burning fat is the recommended charging time – 20 – 30 min

To enhance the effect of exercise, you can use home fitness tools:

Morning gymnastics
  • jump rope;
  • hoop hula-Hoop;
  • fitball;
  • dumbbells.

Jumping on the rope – a separate cardio workout suitable for burning fat, increase the tone of the organism.

Morning exercise for weight loss at home

Charging for weight loss at home should be composed of several exercises to practice the muscles of the press, the hands and feet, the buttocks:

  1. Posture – standing up. Bred hands above his head on one breath and on the output – dipped. Repeat this movement should not be less than 10 times.
  2. It is necessary to straighten, just put your feet and relax your arms to the side. One leg doubled and picked up, at the same time touching the knee with the elbow on the opposite arm. The same thing repeated, changing an arm and a leg – 10 times.
  3. Squats. Your hands rise above your head, and squat, bending the lower back. Hand when it dipped into the hills. Do 10 reps.
  4. The sails of hull – 10 times. Hull of the tips parallel to the floor, at the same time touching the fingers of the left hand fingers of the right foot and vice versa. Free your hands rise upward.
  5. The fingers of your hands, you need to put on your shoulders. They're doing the rotation, your elbows forward and back – 10 times.
  6. Running on the spot. Accept the provision for jogging, and start the movement of the feet, while remaining in the same place. Duration – 1 min movement, 1 min rest. The number of repetitions – 3 times. After a few days you can repeat the exercise 5-7 times.

Before starting a morning fitness drink a glass of water and after 30 min consume a full-fledged, nutritious and healthy breakfast.

For beginners

Some of the health disorders can be repaired, doing morning exercises.

A newbie should follow a few rules:

  • charging is divided into 3 phases: warm up, main part and end of the exercise;
  • Lock
  • prepare the body for physical activity it is possible, not getting out of bed – stretching, the sails of the head and body forward and backward at a slow pace;
  • after warm-up it is possible to do morning procedures – washing, brushing teeth, and proceed to the main part;
  • for each case will require certain sets of exercises. You can choose yourself, or consultation with a specialist.

Simple moves for beginners:

  1. The sails of the head and torso to the side alternately.
  2. The circling hands – give up to touch the fingers to the shoulder and made a circular motion with your elbows.
  3. "The castle". The hands connect in the legs and turn to each other and from each other.
  4. Tilts the torso forward – fingers need to touch the floor.
  5. Sails of right – left. One hand is raised up, the second – on the waist. Over the 2 height of the situation changing.
  6. Squats – 3 sets of 10 times.
  7. Mahi feet. You will need a chair. Holding the hands behind the back of a chair, his feet doing a back in a straight position. Another option – lunges forward, deeply squatting.

For strengthening the muscles of the bark can do "the bar", and also the swing press and push-ups from the floor or the wall. Full charging takes about 15-20 min

For quick weight loss

Charging for weight loss in home conditions is carried out in the morning, before breakfast.

For slimming the hips:

  1. Standing on his knees, and make sail in different directions. Hands are extended above the head.
  2. In a standing position to do a circular movement of the body. Hands on the back of the neck.
  3. The rotation of the upper part of the body. The bottom side should remain the maximum immobile. When it is necessary to ensure that, in order to create the deflection at the waist.
  4. Standing up to do the stretching – bow down to the one and the other side of the border, holding a hand on the back of the neck. Need to stay longer in the 30 s.
  5. Running on the spot lifting your knees – 1-2 min

For the pumping of the muscles of the legs:

  1. Mahi legs to the side and in the side. Do the exercise it is necessary slowly, straining muscles. On each leg are 10 to 20 Mach.
  2. Rotation of the knee. In each direction 10 times. It is important to hold the knee cup your hands and take the correct posture – chest forward and your back smooth, the knees should be bent.
  3. Shallow squats. Repeating – 20 times.

On hand:

  1. The rotation of the shoulders. Back need to straighten, hands pressed to the body and make a circular rotation of the shoulders in each direction 10 times.
  2. The rotation of the elbows. Hands it is necessary to straighten, bend elbows and fold your fingers into a fist. Performs a rotation of the forearm for 5 rounds in the different parties.
  3. "Castle" behind his back. One hand it is necessary to throw behind the back from the top, second from the bottom. Your fingers interlock with each other behind his back. In this position you need to be 20-30 seconds.
  4. Hands yeah and bred in hand. Performs rotation along the axis of the 20-30 times.

The movement for the return of the flexibility of the torso of the body:

  1. The rotation of the body in a circle. Initially it is necessary to straighten, your hands Refuse to boca and start to exercise. Need to pull back. Perform 15 – 20 repetitions.
  2. Case tips forward and back about 15 times. When tilted forward it is necessary to try to get your hands into the floor.
  3. Case tips forward at a right angle, the hands put in the hand. It is necessary to simulate the movement of the helicopter, so the twists and turns of the body to the right and to the left.

If you want to quickly achieve results, the campus added a harder workout:

  • push-ups from the floor 15 – 20 times;
  • ups and turning to the right and to the left;
  • press;
  • mahi feet using rubber for gymnastics;
  • jumping rope for 15-20 min;
  • squats and lunges with dumbbells.

If you need to lose weight before an important event, it is recommended to perform 5-8 exercises from the list each day, taking charge of not less than 20 min the Efficiency is achieved by increasing the number of repetitions. The first day is used the minimum number of repetitions, but each time increase by 4-10 approaches.

5 – minute charge

Charging, lasting 5 min, that you do every day, a positive effect on the condition of the figure and the body as a whole and is suitable for weight loss. The selected set of exercises to perform at home, without the use of special equipment.

Exercise options:

  1. Tilts head to the right, left, forward and back – 10 times in each direction.
  2. Squats – 20 times.
  3. Circling the palms of the hands into a circle – 10 times.
  4. The rotation of the feet on the legs in circles – 10 times.
  5. Tilts the torso forward and backward, left and right – 10 times.
  6. Mahi foot back. You need to get back to the walls, OdmítajíXia in her hands and straighten your back. Right and left leg alternately diverted back in a straight position – 15 times.
  7. Squats with the support of the table. It is necessary to do deep squats, keep your back in the same position. Exercise repeat 20-30 times.

Charging for 20 minutes

More prolonged according to the time charging is performed at the transition to the next stage of training, with the aim to increase the load.


  1. Jumping with a flexed movement of the leg – 10 reps. Starting position – semi-squat. When you jump your hands also bend over in your elbows.
  2. Lunges to the sides. Exercise should be repeated 10 times on each side.
  3. Push-ups from the bench – 10 times.
  4. The deep squats. It is important to keep your back exactly. Exercises exercise 20 – 30 times.

At the termination of the charging is the need to pay another 10 min stretching for the amplification effect.



Charging weight loss at home contains several movements, each of which is designed to work one part of the body.

The indicative charging program:

  1. The preparation of the body to the load. Movement – walking on the spot 1 min Rotation of the head and the hands – on 6-7 times.
  2. Hand movements to the right and to the left with the help of dumbbells weighing 0.5 units Back need to straighten, and his hands, when breeding, should be parallel with the floor. What is important is the tension of the muscles. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times in each direction.
  3. The increase of the buttocks lying down on the floor. He worked the muscles of the buttocks, the back and partly the press. Need to breathe and lift the lower part of the body remains in this position 3-5 as For the weight using a dumbbell or water bottle, but it is not necessary.
  4. Lifting the legs while lying. Both legs rip from the floor, probably to a height of 30 to 35 see and, holding for a few seconds immersed on the floor. The number of repetitions – up to 30 times.
  5. Planck. Need to lie down on the ground and OdmítajíXia in the floor, the hands, bent at the elbows. Press and buttocks strain and in this position remain for at least 1 min your Back should be straight. After a few days, you can increase the time up to 2-3 min
  6. Lunges. It is advisable to do this exercise with dumbbells. Making a step forward and squat so that the thigh to a position parallel to the floor surface. Then it performs a return to the original position and lunge to the other leg. Repeat – 10 times.

The second option anti-high-calorie fitness charging:

Exercise Usually implementation of Time in as
Lifting the knees Alternately lift one leg bent at the knee, how is it possible 20
Planck "Frog" Stand on the bar – hands lean on the floor, legs pull back. When changing the position of "pack up" and crouch down on his haunches. 20
Planck Starting position – plank. Feet put shoulder-width apart and start to pull out first the left and then the right knee to the abdomen. 20
Jumping with a flexed movement of the legs Jumping, how is it possible to double up both legs. Your arms should be straightened and exposed directly 20
Jumping in the squat Do deep squats with Jumping in a vertical position. Hands holding behind his head 20

After 2 weeks of regular training you will notice a change. Appears cheerfulness, good mood, and the weight is reduced, assuming observance of the correct mode of eating.


For weight loss are appropriate to oriental dance. Catch up with the abdominal muscles, reduces the waist. Ideal also rumba, salsa or samba, zumba.

For modeling the shape of the body to perform dance moves from hip-hop, and for strengthening the thighs, calves and create a beautiful shape of your legs choose a few movements of flamenco.

Dance gymnastics for home based on the movements of belly dance:

  1. The emergence of the press. The abdomen are harvested, straining the muscles of, the delay to 3-5 with and relax. It is important to see to it that the belly sucked in because of the work of the muscles and when you inhale-exhale. Beginners should repeat the movement 3 min, and when the workout will get increase run time to 10 min
  2. Strengthening the thighs and exercise the gluteal muscles. Occupy the original position – back straight, legs far apart to shoulder width apart. Then slowly rotate your hips in the shape of number 8, on each side – 10 times.
  3. Practice shoulders. It is necessary to precisely get up, take the pan slightly to the right and the left leg bend. You need to do movement of the back right shoulder. Then the situation changes – right foot they are doing, and carry out the movement in the circle of the left shoulder. Repetition is also no less than 10 times.
  4. Alternately lift one thing, something else the thighs up. This movement is one of the easiest to dance to.
  5. Lunges to the sides
  6. In front of the mirror performing the movement of the pelvis in different directions. Do 10-15 repetitions.
  7. The increasing complexity of the movement of the hips – when turning in different directions at the same time it is necessary to let the body down and climb. On such a movement will need more forces, so you can start to perform after the practice of more simple actions. Start with the minimum number of reps – 2-3, and increases to 10.
  8. Dance movement to exercise and strengthen the throat. It is necessary to straighten. They do move the head to the right, left and then forward back. The head must be strongly leaning. The shoulders remain in a fixed state, has to work only the neck muscles. Perform 10 movements in each direction. You need to make sure that the head tilts, and "advanced" in each direction. Such a move perfectly helps treat degenerative disc disease, which is a disease of office workers.
  9. While dancing, you can practice and legs, including the calf muscles. For this perform the following movement: in a straight position the legs cross and make steps aside, changing the situation. For the convenience of the hands it is possible to dilute in your hand or across the back of the neck. Such a movement in the side repeat 15 times in each direction. At the same location is shifting to other possibilities of movement – moving the body from side to side, also cross legs.

Complete dance charging takes about 15 min, but charges vigor and energy for the whole day.