22 ways to stay motivated to weight loss

Weight loss – it is a process. Someone manages to lose weight faster, and someone will spend long months. Motivation for weight loss can go just as fast as inspiration. How to maintain it? We share with you different ways. Certainly among them you find suitable for you.

Weight loss

Stop trying to

For driving the car may not perform up to full tank, you just need to ensure that the gasoline is not at an end. Motivation for weight loss works as well. If you feel that you lose the motivation to weight loss, take a break from dieting or exercise 1-3 days.

Ask you control questions

Urgently need a dose of motivation for weight loss? Ask yourself questions about some of the habits that you want to work. For example, when you stop to eat properly, how I'm going to look for the half of the year? If I stop eating properly, how I'll feel in six months?

Observe the vows in front of family and friends

You want to keep the motivation for weight loss – be honest and fair in other areas of life. For example, to pay debts, follow the promises that they gave to relatives, friends, colleagues. Keep your word in front of others – and on a subconscious level comes the assurance that you are able to fulfill your promise to lose weight.

Is not equal to the too thin models

It would seem, portraits of slender models should motivate you to weight loss, but according to new research, they are rather hurt. Scientists from the Netherlands divided women who want to lose weight, and it into 2 groups: the first group gave the magazine to control the power with images of slender models on the cover and for a change, and the second group gave a magazine with a neutral picture on the cover. Women from the second group is true, but from first – gain weight.

Instead, in order to compare with models, print for inspiration your photo, on which you have the correct, healthy weight.

Listen to your feelings

Often we're frustrated, focus on a specific number on the scales or on the assignment, which is to be performed to achieve the goal. And it's the fastest way to lose motivation. It is better to keep an eye on your mood after eating a healthy meal or how you feel after an excellent workout. Next time you'll remember, as well, and it will motivate you to continue in the same spirit.


Make a "business plan"

Every business starts with a business plan in which is described the mission and methods of its implementation. You treat the target as to the business. Once you decide exactly what you want to achieve and in what period of time, develop a monthly plan with realistic and specific goals for weight loss.

Reward yourself, even if not yet achieved the goal

Reward yourself for achieving goals – the perfect idea, but for some purposes must reach several months or years, so you run the risk of losing motivation and before reaching the destination. So don't wait, when you get to the finish line to reward yourself for weight loss, plan something, what is pleasant in the halfway.

Live like it's already lost

Don't wait until the great lose weight", to go on vacation, visit a friend or to start attending dance lessons; fulfilling their wishes immediately.

Hang next to the mirror favorite clothes

Dream how to get back into your favorite jeans or bikini, which she wore in her youth, hang them next to the mirror. It's a great daily motivation. So this thing exists in your wardrobe, it means that your goal is weight loss is attainable.

We sincerely appreciate your future

Present yourself in a bikini – good motivation, but some people are inspired, when they represent that would happen to them if they do not, to become thin. Ask yourself what your life will be in 10 or 20 years, if you stay the same as now?

Compete with others in weight loss

In the process of weight loss is important to a little rivalry. According to a recent study published in the journal "Obesity" weight loss in a group with others helps to reduce about 20% more weight than if you lose weight alone. Gather a group of friends or colleagues – and lose weight together!

Determine the source of your inspiration

If you really want to stay motivated to lose weight, firstly, to find out that in fact motivates you. For example, if it is the family, focus on the thoughts, how exercise helps you maintain a relationship with the children, when you will age. If you take one more step – the use of his family: play with the kids on the tag, go to the gym together with her husband for the weekend all together to cut food for the next week.


Hide from his eyes the scales far

Scales are useful for tracking your progress in weight loss, but many people are weighed too often. Some studies show that daily weighing helps to maintain the weight, but not lose weight. Weigh yourself once a week or even once every two weeks, it will help you keep motivated.

Photographed every day

He says that a picture is better a thousand words. Create any album with photos of your weight loss and hide it from others. Take photos every day – after a workout or during reception of the useful food. This will help you to capture the changes in the body that are easily overlooked, or which did not show scales.

Stop criticizing

We have a bad habit of using self-criticism as motivation, especially when it comes to weight loss, but it's not only motivating, and can negate all the efforts. When we "turn" mode of self-criticism, it is in the us triggers a reflex "fight or flight". Consequently, it produces more cortisol (the stress hormone), which, in turn, provokes the appetite for fatty and sweet foods.

Next time, when you start to criticize put your hand on your heart, take a few deep breaths – it will help you change your status, dampen the negative emotions and look at yourself differently.

Surround yourself with health

Motivation for weight loss – it is the home environment, to view your new habits: fill the fridge beneficial products, write on the table a beautiful fruit basket, put the trainers in a prominent place. So it will be easier to stay motivated.

Using the app on your smartphone

Use different apps on your phone – search for recipes, calorie tracking, pedometer and other. So easier to maintain motivation.

Make a list of why you want to lose weight

A great motivation for weight loss – look good on the beach. It will enchant it to become slim. But it is the inspiration won't last long. Make a list of everything that will change for the better when they lose weight. For example, to be healthier, stronger, more confident in myself, I will be an example for their children. Keep this list handy and often again, especially when you feel completely exhausted.

Make it so that motivation for weight loss be creative

Instead, make yourself do gifts for achievements in weight loss, give money to friends and ask them to prepare the gifts-surprises. So, weight loss for the next two (or figure out how many) a kilo, you get an unexpected gift.

Set goals, not tied to the weight of the

Even if you do everything right, some days the scales will stand on the site. Whatever it is, it will not disappoint you! Measure your achievements in other ways: for example, run more miles, always on the job prepared lunch from home, drink 2l of water a day. Sure to celebrate the achievement of these goals. Such a motivation for weight loss – it's a great way to promote yourself, especially when the scales show no change.


Resist your fear

It happens that you have plenty of motivation, but concerns discourage from achieving success. For example, you want to lose weight through exercise, but constantly don't go for exercise or jogging. Ask yourself, why? You really don't want to train? Or shy to show your body? To overcome fear, think of alternative ways: for example, work out at home using a video-exercise, or go with a friend to a women's gym.

Be grateful to your body!

If you're completely lost inspiration, switch to gratitude itself. Instead, to blame myself for being dropped on this week half a pound, be thankful to your body for all that it does for you (to endure a whole week of training!).