Set of exercises for weight loss abdomen and hips

People, dissatisfied with their body figure, often trying to get rid of excess weight. The most commonly how men and women are trying to remove unnecessary fats from the abdomen and hips. Exercise for weight loss will be effective only in case if it is carried out correctly and regularly, but you first need to understand why they appear body fat in these parts of the body.

Exercise for weight loss

Causes of the appearance of fat

It is immediately noted that fat deposits in the abdominal area is more dangerous than in other places, including on the sides. Actually, therefore, when any sharp plants in weight is worth it immediately, contact an expert for advice. The most commonly weight pounds happens due to the presence of any pathology in the internal organs.

One can distinguish several factors that may become the cause of excess fat:

  • poor posture, which most often occurs in people who lead a passive or a sedentary lifestyle;
  • in adulthood, sex hormones are formed in smaller numbers, and thus deteriorating metabolism, respectively, and the fats split much worse;
  • frequent stressful situations cause the release of adrenaline, and this, in turn, becomes the cause of hormonal failure and the occurrence of sudden jumps in weight;
  • pregnancy — this period occurs a stretching of the skin in these areas, and after the birth of a child is quickly filled up subcutaneous fat storing them.

In addition, the cause of overweight may be other factors in the form of poor lifestyle, hormonal disorders or genetic predisposition. This is the reason why, before embarking on exercise for weight loss in the hips and on the stomach, it is worth to find out the cause of the formation of fat, so, as physical strain can cause more serious consequences and exacerbate the situation.

The rules of the venue

Lessons exercises for weight loss belly and sides will be able to help just in case, if you do it right and on a solid foundation. All the while, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules, train hard, enjoy and fully relax.

In addition, during exercise it is necessary to create good conditions:

Air exchange
  1. The room, which will be held sports, should be well ventilated, but without drafts. Otherwise it may be the cause of the common cold diseases, and this condition is hardly will contribute to weight loss.
  2. From the accommodation it is advisable to remove all the items which may distract attention, such as mobile phones. Best to include a rhythm track on tape or clips on television. It is not forbidden to browse the movie, the important thing is that the plot wasn't too intrusive, and not distracted from the profession.
  3. As for clothing, it is best to choose something comfortable and loose. Inappropriate on the size of the things and shoes will reap, grind and spoil the whole training.
  4. It is worth it to prepare in advance of the sports facilities you may need during class, it can be a kettlebell, dumbbells or a hula-Hoop. In addition, it is worth to stock up with water, preferably natural. This is very important, because similar action to assume the burden, and drink want to in any case, and the constant trips to the kitchen will distract and shoot down the common position.
  5. Every training starts only with a warm-up, while warmed up all muscle groups. Best of all it's walking for 5 minutes or running in place. In such case, you can avoid painful feelings the next day.

Also, experts advise to apply to sports activities as a joyful and positive event, then the teaching will bring joy. And lose weight exercises for the abdomen and sides will turn out much faster.

The force of the load

In home conditions you lose weight strength training for the abdomen and hips. For their fulfillment you will need special equipment, which is to help strengthen and build muscle, as well as the parallel burning of fat.

At home, you can use a conventional squats, but at this weight you are going to the dumbbells. During the event, it is possible to perform lunges, either the breeding of the upper limbs in different directions. And here with the help of the deadlift traction can be easily and rapidly pumping buttocks. The actual result can be achieved by using a hula-Hoop, it is addition, when the abdominal muscles and gets rid of fat.

But it should be noted that a similar power load have a number of contraindications, these include:

  • bouts of shortness of breath;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • diseases of the kidney or gallbladder;
  • diabetes mellitus dependent on insulin.

As you can see, how to get rid of the belly and sides can be independently. The main condition — it is a regularity, so is the leadership of one session is unlikely to have the required effect. The process should be approached responsibly and hard. A comprehensive exercise is carried out at least three times a week with the observance of good nutrition and the regime of the day.


Comprehensive exercises

When performing sports activities, aimed at weight loss, no need to get hung up on one exercise, it is advisable to approach to the target comprehensively. In such a case, and the body will perceive it as a burden so much easier.

All manipulations are performed in the supine position and are performed in the following manner:

  1. Classic exercise — bike. Knees raised and bent and the person produces a movement that resemble scrolling of the pedals.
  2. Next step — twist. This allows the well to work the oblique muscles, therefore, produce handling is necessary with the minimum amplitude. A person lies down on a flat surface, Flex the limbs at the knees, the hands are behind the head. While inhaling slowly lifts his head together with shoulder blades and on the exhale return to its original position.
  3. The reverse twisting is done virtually the same as the previous one, but together with the upper part of the body lifted and the pelvis. But this loin in the implementation of the manipulation remains motionless.
  4. The best exercise for weight loss belly and sides — it's a small bridge, it helps to quickly strengthen the muscles. To start you need to pull the arms and lean them on the floor. Legs bent at the knees, the buttocks taut, the hull is lifted into the region of the blades, and body should form a straight line and not lean. At the highest point is the need to pounce on the 5?10 seconds, over time you can increase the time.

Another simple way to get rid of bottlenecks — it is a push-up or plank. If during the run I felt nausea, it is worth it to do a little respite, and then make another approach.


With the help of breathing techniques can be quickly and simply remove the sides and belly. According to many women, the most effective methods of the following:

  • "Oxysize";
  • "Zhangfei";
  • "Bodyflex".

While such exercises can saturate the body with oxygen, which, in turn, maintains the optimal PH level, improving the education of ATP, but also speed up the metabolism.

In addition, these classes help to lift your mood, reduce stress and improve the overall condition. On request it is possible to use the technique, which uses only one group of muscles, or use more modern techniques, which is associated for all groups.


But, before proceeding to such persecution, it is worth it to learn the basic technique of diaphragmatic breathing. Also it is worth mentioning that the gymnastics worth it to give up during pregnancy, lactation, in the presence of any spinal injuries, diseases of the cardiovascular system or diseases of the respiratory tract.

Help cardio

Cardio-gymnastics consists of the whole complex of exercises, which are faced with the unnecessary cm in the waist area and hips. In addition, the courses, significantly increasing the frequency of the heart rate to 150 beats per minute.

The most popular varieties of cardio exercise — this is a running, cycling, brisk walking, and some elements of aerobics. Effectively helps get rid of excess weight and swimming, but, unfortunately, use this sport is in the home is impossible.

In the complex cardio includes the following exercises:

  • running in place for 3?5 minutes;
  • running in place with high lifting hips and the frequent alternation of the legs;
  • running on the spot, in which produce flexion of the knees and tried to get a foot to the buttocks;
  • jumps — lower limbs together, and the top dropped along the body, during the jump the legs of a divorce, and his hands are moving over your head;
  • increase — to perform these manipulations need a chair or bench, on which you must climb with the help of one foot and fall, then you need to change the leg and do the same movement.

All gymnastic activity, there are two approaches with the passage for half an hour. All movements on one approach are carried out on a 10?15 times. It is advisable to involve cardio exercise immediately after performing the warm-up, or vice versa, to complete her force loads.

It is worth noting that with the maximum caution to these sports activities is a need to take people who have problems with cardiovascular or respiratory system. For women in the position designed their complex gymnastic exercises.