How to lose weight in a week up to 5 kg minimum? Choose a diet!

Weekly diet – quick answer to the long troubling question! Exactly seven days to find themselves in the demand of diet duration of the experiments. On the one hand, the period of time, while on the other — psychologically meaningful and allow you to rely on a noticeable result. But it is worth it to prepare for the half-starved living. Along with the monotonous diet, there are power plans that allow to lose weight in a week at 5-7 kg, and hold quite a rich a varied menu.

lose weight 5 kg

There's already a she - diet "minus 5 kg in a week"?

To weight loss for the week made sense, it is necessary to choose a diet most effective just for you, with the rate of the effect is in this case assembled not only from the "plumb line", but also from the possibility to save the result, and not to harm the health and quality of life. You have to understand that the query "How to lose weight in a week to 10 kg" is implemented as a result only those lucky ones, this is the reason why it makes sense to ask specific and clear manageable tasks for weight loss.

In terms of time limit the effectiveness of weight loss completely "rests on the shoulders" of the daily diet. Any other good intentions (changing the order of the day, increase physical activity, positive thinking) is simply not time to shine for such a short period of time.

The result of the diet "week" is achieved in three main ways:

  • using one "miracle product" (mono or fad-diets. Their monotony of the two ways has an impact on the psychology of weight loss — who-is easy to take buckwheat or kefir on morals, drugs, how to lose weight, someone, on the contrary, tired with by monotony)
  • thanks to the sharp limit the intake of calories ("hungry" diet, acting "wear and tear" of the organism)
  • through chemical processes (diet with mainly protein power, the marginal adjustments to the metabolism. Are known the longest storing of the result at the expense of the relative reduction in the risk of losing muscle mass, characteristic for express diets).

It can be assumed that the poorer the food, the greater success it is possible to achieve in resetting the excess weight. However, it is not quite so: seven days is a long enough time for power supply with large restrictions. And the health consequences will be more serious, and the risk of failure increases repeatedly. In addition, there is a tendency to plateau, the sad thing is characteristic for the strict diet: cheerful which began in the first few days of the loss of excess weight freeze due to the fact that limited in the nutrition of the body contains a safe mode, and "freezes" the consumption of energy. This means not only the debacle in losing weight, but also lethargic health, the decline of forces.

Therefore, even with a powerful motivation to lose weight in the shortest time possible for the maximum number of kilogram, try to choose the lesser evil from existing and evaluated as the boundary of his will and the risks. Short effective diet allows you to lose weight in a week, can become a good impulse for further activities for weight loss, but do not forget that all the "hungry" diets are filled with fast return of lost. Therefore, it is very important, after surviving the weekly diet with the restriction of, to refrain from overeating after a challenging seven days of fasting in the name of beauty and thin.

It is also important to reasonably assess their health status. Not to lose weight themselves, if there is a surplus of body weight more than 30 kg — in this case, you will need a multi-faceted medical support. And be sure to consult with your doctor before significantly reduce the daily energy value of your menu or go to the advanced use of some of one product (or product type).

How to lose weight in a week about 7 kg: 5 of the most popular diets

quick weight loss
  • Kefir diet for 7 days allows you to lose weight by 3-5 kg in all the time to eat a yogurt and a — very limited — a few other approved materials.
  • Japanese weekly diet - the "short" variant of one of the most popular diets for quick weight loss, the famous "Japanese women". Lose weight in an average of 4 kg for 7 days. It's a diet without carbohydrates, each of the dishes on which painted on the g and jumps.
  • Buckwheat diet promises to record "a plumb line" - about 1 kg per day. A favorite of many cereals to the eating plan need to you are not accustomed to cook, but in a special way steamed — perhaps this ritual distracts from the treacherous thoughts about the full meal?
  • Juice mono - — means emergency calls, favorite photo for their reliability and very harmful for the health. Diet on juices for a week — the extreme duration of the option, to go to which would in the extreme case, they will be ready to interrupt the drinking marathon weight loss, she barely noticed the signs of discontent of the body. (Like the fruit? Try a more balanced diet to the grapefruit).
  • Unloading diet Queen — the invention of the famous dietician Margarita Queen, which gained great popularity. If we use this power plan, which allows for the day to drink 1 liter of low-fat yogurt and 2.5 liters of simple water, eat one potato, 100 g cottage cheese, 2 cucumbers, and ¼ of the chicken at regular intervals, you can lose weight by 2-3 units

Fast Estonian diet

How to lose 5 kg in a week? It is realistic to lose weight 5 kg in a week diet, also known as Estonian (see the roots of the name, it is not possible). It's quite a complex eating plan that presents a series of mono-diet. During the duration of the weekly diet under the ban of the sauce, spices, sugar, salt. From the tea and coffee are also advised to refrain from, and here is a simple natural water you need every day to drink at least 1.5 liters.

The composition of the menu for each day (limits the amount of food should be split from morning to evening):

First day: boiled eggs 6 pcs

Day two: low fat cottage cheese — 1kg

Day three: boiled or steam chicken fillet — 300 gr.

Day four: rice — 100 g of dry groats boil them in 1 l water

Fifth day: the potatoes in their skins - 6 pieces

Sixth day: apples — 1 kg

Seventh day: 1.5 liters of yogurt.

Weekly egg diet: satisfying and effective

The egg diet is often the answer to the ultimate questions such as "How to lose weight in a week to 10 kg?". It will help you lose weight in a week about 5-10 kg (depending on initial weight and metabolism functions). In explaining the effect of the weekly diet on the eggs is used the thesis about the benefits of vitamin H (biotin). Biotin accelerates the carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and also balances the level of sugar in the blood, because this substance is particularly important in the diet of those who suffer with diabetes and pre diabetic conditions.

If you need to urgently to lose weight egg diet will show, a reasonable choice for more and thanks to the high saturation capability of chicken eggs — thanks to the fact that they are digested slowly, hunger, suffering, they become so painful. Adding to menu grapefruit also contributes his useful contribution — contained in the bitter fruit of fruit enzyme lets you control appetite.

Throughout the diet it is necessary to refrain from sugar, salt, theft sauces and other ingredients to the food, pastries, carbonated drinks and juices. Do not forget to drink water — at least 1.5 l per day.

menu for weight loss

Day 1

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit, coffee without sugar and milk;
Lunch: 2 eggs, tomato, herbal tea;
Dinner: 2 eggs, vinaigrette without oil (carrots, beets, little potatoes), grapefruit, tea.

Day 2

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit, black coffee without sugar;
Lunch: 2 eggs, grapefruit;
Dinner: 2 eggs or lean meat (150 gr, boiled or on the grill), serving of green salad.

Day 3

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and coffee without milk and sugar;
Lunch: 2 eggs, a serving of spinach and tea;
Dinner: 2 eggs, vinaigrette without oil (see Day 1), 100 g of cottage cheese, herbal tea.

Day 4

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and black coffee;
Lunch: 2 eggs, a serving of spinach, a black coffee without additives;
Dinner: 2 eggs or 150 grams of sea fish, vinaigrette without oil, a cup of tea.

Day 5

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and coffee without sugar;
Lunch: 2 eggs, a serving of spinach, black coffee;
Dinner: 150 g of sea fish, coleslaw, black coffee without sugar or tea.

Day 6

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and a black coffee without sugar;
Lunch: salad of any fruit;
Dinner: 2 eggs or 150 grams of lean meat, salad (tomato, cucumber, celery), herbal tea.

Day 7

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and a black coffee without sugar;
Lunch: 2 eggs or cooked cold chicken, tomatoes and grapefruit;
Dinner: 2 eggs or cooked cold chicken (150 g), salad (carrots, cabbage, tomatoes) and black coffee without sugar.

During the egg diet we recommend in addition to drink alkaline mineral water to neutralize the acid of the grapefruit.

diet for 7 days

This type of menu is known as a "chemical". In losing weight on such a diet the protein reserves of the body are not exhausted, thanks to the reduction of carbohydrate intake, which they manipulate with the lack of available "fuel" energy for the body fairly quickly embarking on the consumption of fat reserves.

If egg diet for 7 days seems too strict, take advantage of the more sparing, but no less effective its counterpart – the egg diet for 4 weeks.

Seven days of patience — five pounds down!

In principle, every method how to lose 5 kg in a week (as a mono, so "tasty" strategy) is built on the principles of food combining, but with one cunning — it is forbidden to eat. The last meal should be no later than 16:00. However, this sad fact can be seen a positive thing — it's an opportunity to go to bed earlier, not in front of the tv or computer.

The order of the days to break, it is not appropriate; it is also necessary to stick to the daily list of products and make their own adjustments. Important rule of this weekly diet – exclusion of salt and sugar, as well as alcohol from the diet. Listed in the menu on the fruit must be eaten in the main meal, but for half an hour before meals or half an hour later after her. Every day you need to drink as much as possible simple natural water.

The first day

Breakfast: fish, a few - 50 g, lettuce with the addition of a few drops of olive oil, yogurt, 1% fat 250 ml;
Lunch: boiled eggs, bread, meal of 2 pieces, turkey meat or chicken schnitzel - 90 gr.

The second day

Breakfast: celery without limitation, boiled veal 80 g, one boiled potato + one, boiled carrots, green tea, unsweetened;
Lunch: 1 cup low-fat yogurt, 100 g low-fat cottage cheese, oatmeal on the water, five nuts.

Day three

Breakfast: unsalted chicken broth - 250 ml bread-3 pcs., chicken breast on a steamed - 50 g;
Dinner: rye bread - 2 slices, cooked veal meat - 50 g spinach, without limitation, apple and orange.

The fourth day

Breakfast: boiled buckwheat, kefir 1% fat - 250 ml, a salad of tomatoes with olive oil;
Lunch: boiled rice, freshly squeezed juice from citrus fruit - 250 ml cottage cheese with prunes — 100 g, grapefruit and kiwi.

Fifth day

Breakfast: boiled beef - 60 grams, one egg + one cucumber and two red peppers;
Lunch: chicken breast steamed, boiled potato, apple and orange, 2 walnuts, dried apricots - 3 pieces.

The sixth day

Breakfast: chicken broth without salt - 100 ml, red fish for a couple — 100 g green peas (3 tbsp), rye bread - 1 slice, green tea with 1 tsp honey;
Lunch: steamed brown rice, lettuce with tomatoes, tucked away lemon juice with sesame seeds; for dessert, an hour after the meal: a glass of skim milk, kiwi and banana.

Day seven

Breakfast: chicken breast - 60 grams, a plate of buckwheat, one Bulgarian pepper + low-fat-cottage cheese (2St. l)., black tea with a teaspoon of honey, a handful of raisins for dessert;

Lunch: boiled lentils, boiled beef - 100 gr, low fat-plain yogurt (1 cup 125 g), almonds (30 g).

effective weight loss

Week plus-minus a couple of days: other ways to lose weight fast without suffering

Not to mention that weight loss in a week become a kind of "gold standard" for the duration, the amount of active and well-known diets, which promise nice results for a little less or a little more durability. For example:

  • diet 6 petals - the original series mono-diet with the additional incentive instruments in the form of a flower with the corresponding number of petals, it should be with a sense of accomplishment after the expiry of the next day;
  • satisfying and easy compliance with the pumpkin diet for 12 days, it is particularly important in autumn, when the keeping up with the new crop of melons;
  • famous and effective chicken diet there is as in the standard varieties for seven days, and in the variant for those who likes fast for three days;
  • cheese diet - a proven way to lose a few pounds in the format of dual handling of the day.