Diet minus 10 kg

Lose weight by 10 kg, it is possible, if in your body is extra pounds. "Unnecessary" weight is called an ulterior motive: if you start to eat, unnecessary for the activity of the extra pounds quickly leave. If overweight — the fruit of your imagination, your body will be unwilling to part with their legitimate weight. Calculate the ideal weight you will help service the body mass Index.

minus 10 kg

A week really to lose 2-3 kg, and in a month can you lose weight on 10 units there Is nothing criminal that wants to go on a diet and "dead" body of their dreams. But do all that is reasonable: many of the girls in an attempt to quickly lose weight neglect the elementary rules of nutrition and deplete their health.

How to lose 10 kg

There are cases when how to lose weight fast, it is necessary to: photo shoot, wedding, vacation. In such cases, it is clear the easiest diet for 10 days: buckwheat diet, fasting days on apples, grapefruit, yogurt. Diet for 10 days gives a quick, but nondurable result. Diet for 10 days even useful for the body, but only in that case, if you're ready for the extreme discharge: in advance began to eat less, refused to dishes and steaks. "Get out" of the fast diets after obtaining the desired result it is necessary gradually. Remember that when returning to a normal diet again you put together a weight. Therefore it is better to calculate the diet for a month, and then continue to eat properly.

Lose weight at 10 kg right

Do you want to lose weight about 10 kg, and you don't have timing? Then try for acting with forethought. Healthy and fast diet "Minus 10 kg", should take about half a year — in the understanding of the nutrition experts is that, while the term. If you were willing to adhere to the complex rules of diet, count calories and understand the importance of the composition of the food, remember these simple rules (in general, so we have to eat always and every).

  1. Do not eat starchy foods. If not, you can't give up bread at all, go black, and cereals. Replace with sweet pastries, fruit and black chocolate.
  2. Do not eat sugar. It's hard? Luggage honey in your tea in the coffee — substitute sugar
  3. Eat at least fried, spicy, fatty foods. Fish and meat to prepare on a few, it's not at all difficult.
  4. Firmly to eat and easy dinner. Dining should be for 2-3 hours before bedtime. All carbohydrates (bread, oatmeal, nuts, spaghetti) to use in the morning and in the afternoon, in the evening eat protein (cottage cheese, chicken, fish, eggs). Not mix proteins and carbohydrate food.
  5. Not the pei soda and juice with sugar.

Such a diet will have a positive impact not only on your weight, but also on the condition of the skin, the hair, apply a medical condition. During the gradual weight loss the body will get used to the new weight and not come back earlier extra kilos, if you make the menu more varied.

weight loss

Diet "minus 10 kg": fibre — your friend

The weight got up, and minus 10 kg per month for you — still a dream? Go to a new level. For unloading days you are already familiar with it. If you learn to follow simple rules, then starvation becomes for your body shock (just need to collect will in a fist).

Loyal assistant to anyone who wants to lose weight — fiber. In the form of granules or powder the fiber is sold in pharmacies. She is without taste, it should be consumed, mixing it with yogurt or yogurt. Dietary fiber is not absorbed and is not the "right" calories: this transit it passes through the entire body, taking with you is useless. Fiber "cleans" the walls of the stomach and intestines. This is a very useful product, recommended for carb diet.

Celery — a unique product. On his digestion of the body spends more calories than it receives from the product itself. Lose weight fast you the the refusal to dinner. Eat tightly, lunch, eat late, and instead of dinner drink a glass of yogurt or eat a vegetable salad. This you hurt yourself: in the night the body needs calories and energy. Other diet that helps you lose weight about 10 kg, and not only that.