Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas: a sample menu

Inflammation of the pancreas – pancreatitis – disqualify the entire digestive system. In it are synthesized all the enzymes that help in the processing of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Pancreatitis is usually an acute and chronic, but in any form it is necessary to stick to a diet.


The general rules of the diet

When this pathology is the main task – it is to spare the digestive system in the mechanical, chemical and heat plan. Healthy eating during pancreatitis, the pancreas often cures inflammation, restores its function, protects the stomach and the intestine from the effects of aggressive food, it reduces the active work of the gallbladder and warns of liver disease.

Patients should eat the food intended for the table № 5p the inclusion of Pevsner. The food should be nutritious, but low in fat and carbohydrates, and sugar.

Allowed is an increased amount of protein food. In this way it is possible to notify the transition of the liver to fatty steatosis and the emergence of diabetes. Daily you need to consume a certain amount of nutrients:

  • Protein – 100-120 g, from them of 65% - of animal origin.
  • Fats – 80 g to 100 g, of which 15-20% - of vegetable origin.
  • Carbohydrates – 300-350 g, sugar is in them 30-40 gg
  • Cooking salt – 6-10 g, the food better away a little.
  • Fluid intake – 1.5-2 liters.

The energy indicator per day should not exceed 2500-2600 kcal. The daily intake of calories must be calculated by your doctor with regard to their weight and health of the patient.

General principles:

  • Mechanical preparation of the products. In the phase of exacerbation of the disease food is necessary to wipe the state of puree, and cook them for a few. Is it maximally saves the stomach and facilitates digestion of food.
  • The temperature of the dishes. Can not eat hot or cold dishes. The optimum temperature – 20 to 50 degrees.
  • Mild portions. You cannot overeat on this disease, to burdening the diseased organ and the whole system.
  • Diet
  • Mode of eating. Accept food should be fractional – in 5-6 times per day a moderate amount. So disappears the load on the authorities, the food fast and easy digestion, it won't abdominal pain after eating.
  • Prohibition on alcohol and tobacco. In this disease, alcohol contributes to an increase in plaques in the duct of the gland, without leaving its secretion into the duodenum. Iron while still stronger inflammation and starts the self-digestion of the self. And nicotine inhibits the synthesis of the enzyme, fixes the acid aldehyde.

The disease is insidious, when it is necessary to unconditionally observe the rules of diet, because in the opposite case of deterioration and all treatment will be ineffective.

How long do I have to sit on a diet, depends on the course of the disease. Initially, should always be a very strict diet, and then the boundaries of acceptable products is gradually expanding.

What can you eat when pancreatitis?

Enabled when this pathology of the food should be light, to avoid the difficult work of the pancreas, then less will have to produce enzymes.

Food should fast recycle and move from the stomach and intestines to the output, not to form a gas, increasing the already sharp pain in the abdomen.

The food should contain more proteins, therefore, are enzymes that synthesizes iron, consist of them. What foods you can eat without fear of the next seizure, are represented by a list:

  • Bread. Dried, stale, biscuits, crackers.
  • Soup. Preferably from a puree of vegetables: pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, zucchini. You can cook with the noodles, tempting or oatmeal.
  • Meat. Only the lean varieties: clean the fillet of veal, chicken breast, turkey, rabbit. Only boiled or cooked for a few: burgers, dumplings, beef stroganoff.
  • Chicken breast
  • Fish. Dry varieties: carp, Pollock, cod, steamed or boiled fish.
  • Cereals. It is allowed to porridge buckwheat, semolina, rice porridge on the water, half-and-half with milk, oatmeal, casseroles of cereals with cottage cheese.
  • Dairy products. Milk is a lean, low-fat cottage cheese, not sour, yogurt, kefir, yogurt. You can eat cheese with low fat and unsalted.
  • Eggs. Cook the omelet of the protein, and the yolk is the only one in the week.
  • Vegetables. You are allowed potatoes, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, boiled green peas.
  • Sweets. Instead of sand borrow xylitol. What kind of fruit is possible when pancreatitis: ripe and not sour fruit and berries, it is permitted to prepare them compotes, mousse, jelly, all in the drapery. Can be sweet and baked apples.
  • Sauce. It is necessary to cook the vegetable decoction from the milk and adding flour.
  • Fats. You can eat cow's butter, but no more than 30 grams per day, vegetable brush – 10-15 g, and the season they already finished the food on his plate.
  • Drinks. The drink may be weak tea with lemon, broth from the fruit of the rosehip, mineral water without gas, fruit juices, pre-diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1.

This sparing diet is used in chronic pancreatitis at the time of the dormancy. When you focus diet changes radically, that must be followed.

What is prohibited?

Diet for inflammation of the pancreas does not allow you to eat foods that increase the release of gastric juice and the secretion of glands. If it produces more enzymes and they go exclusively to the processing of food, then begin to eat away at the fabric of a sick body. To reduce the secretion of enzymes and the rapid removal of inflammation it is necessary to abandon the use of the following products:

  • Soup. You can't eat the soup on the meat, fish and mushroom broth, composed of many ingredients: cabbage soup, borscht. Dairy soups are also under the ban, and the cold, for example, a hash.
  • Fresh bread from rye or wheat, fried pies, cakes, pastries butter.
  • Meat. Pork and lamb meat, goose and duck, it is a fatty species, offal, sausages, smoked, canned food.
  • Fish. Fatty kinds, fried, smoked, salted and canned.
  • Dairy products. You can't eat fatty kinds of dairy products: cream, cheeses, cream.
  • Cereals. Prohibited: barley, Pshenko, corn and wheat semolina. They long to digest, will stimulate the secretion of hydrochloric acid.
  • Pork and lamb
  • Eggs. Boiled eggs and scrambled eggs.
  • Vegetables. A person can not eat cabbage, radish, turnip, eggplant, sweet and bitter pepper, spinach, garlic, radish.
  • Jam, chocolate, raw and not cleared fruits and berries (grapes, figs, bananas), ice cream.
  • Spices. All sharp spices: pepper, horseradish, vinegar and the like.
  • Coffee, tea, strong, sweet soda, cocoa, grape juice.

It is prohibited when cooking use solid fats: beef, lamb, pork fat, bear and the like. All of this is hard to rework a damaged GIT.

Diet in acute pancreatitis

Acute pathology of the breast the first two days requires a complete abstinence from food. The patient needs complete rest and the physical, and emotional. You can drink alkaline mineral water, weak unsweetened tea and a decoction of the fruit of the rosehip. In addition, it is possible to put a heating pad with ice on the belly. Then a couple of days the diet is introduced in the form of dropper.

4-5 day in smaller portions to the patient to give a low-calorie food in the form of a liquid porridge-a nerd, mucus decoctions. With the 5-6 days you can put an omelet from the egg whites, pureed porridge of buckwheat or oatmeal, vegetables cooked and some biscuits. Food receive 6 times a day, small amount. Then it is possible to consume puddings, custards, casseroles. After relieving the acute phase the patient is transferred to the diet №5p.

Diet in chronic pancreatitis

If pancreatitis bought the chronic form, the person almost always has to eat diet food. Experts developed for this specific table №5p, task diet is focused on maximum relief to the work of the pancreas, its complete peace of mind. This is achieved at the expense of the correct chemical composition of the food, amount of servings. In the menu prevails protein foods, reducing carbohydrates and fats, leads to complete rejection of crude fiber and heavy types of meat. Food to cook strictly for a couple, boil or stew.

Baked apple with dried apricots and plums

You can't drink alcoholic drinks and season food, sharp spices. In the period of remission, it is possible to expand the list of authorised products, but not to go beyond the list of authorized products, which is located above.

Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas when sharpening, if the pathology took a chronic form, exactly how and in acute pancreatitis. First two days to relax and just drink, then the liquid porridge and pureed soups, and after that the diet expands to reasonable limits.

Of the total list of permitted foods it is possible to choose for themselves the right combinations to food is not the pall and is not sick. What can you eat during the day:


  • Salad of boiled beets, stewed fruit.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese, a decoction of rose hips.
  • Scrambled eggs steamed, tea and biscuits.
  • Oatmeal, jelly.
  • Porridge buckwheat, tea.


  • Carrot salad.
  • Baked apple with dried apricots and plums.
  • Whipped egg whites.
  • Rice with raisins.
  • A puree of carrots and pumpkin.


  • Soups and borscht in lean meat broth.
  • Sideburns.
  • Steamed fish with rice.
  • Pasta-maritime.
  • Vegetables steamed.


  • Jelly from the fruit or berries.
  • Sandwich with butter and cheese.
  • Jelly from the berries.
  • Baked potatoes.
  • Puree of beans.


  • Vinaigrette and cheese yogurt.
  • Scrambled eggs and ryazhenka.
  • Rice pudding and yogurt.
  • Cauliflower boiled and yogurt.
  • Caviar of zucchini and kefir.

This is a rough menu, from which you can take any food or invent them yourself, from the food, which is allowed to consume, and to prepare the way, sparing the diseased organ.

Herbs in pancreatitis

To help alleviate the condition when it is at home, it is possible to use various herbal decoctions and herbal extracts. Most effective when pancreatitis consider: Helichrysum, wormwood, hawthorn, agrimony, mint, st. john's wort, aloe, chamomile and more.

You can use them separately, but work best in fees. In the period of exacerbation the best herbal healer will be a decoction of rose hips.

Herbs in pancreatitis

Many patients interested in the question – is it possible the honey in pancreatitis? Yes, it's possible, honey is absorbed more easily than sugar, so they can replace the well-known and quite harmful to the human body sweetener.

The more sick of pancreatitis is forbidden to eat cakes, pastries and other sweets. Honey when inflammation of the pancreas brings great benefits: relieves inflammation, increases immunity, helps in healing of wounds.

Adherence to the diet in the pancreatitis of any shape – it's the surest path to recovery. If this neglect can result in severe complications and to get out of this situation will be difficult.