Simple exercise for weight loss belly

The most problem zones in women is considered to be belly. To accumulate on it tuk a lot of time, it is not necessary, but then get rid of it, you can spend a few months.

fat on the abdomen

There is a huge number of factors, of which on the stomach can accumulate fat and extra pounds. For this to from this to get rid of, you need to watch your diet and perform certain exercises on your stomach that you can do at home.

According to statistics, the majority of women are not satisfied with the appearance of your abdomen. And this is understandable, because the folds of the noticeable surroundings and look very attractive. And most women who dream of lose weight, have resorted to various methods and techniques, and up to starvation. Not many people know how to look dignified, fit, only need to adhere to a certain diet, and perform a few simple exercises for the abdomen.

Causes of the appearance of fat and excess kilos

As the physicians allege, on the abdomen should be a small amount of fat, in fact it serves as a protective barrier all internal organs and bones. But an excessive amount of body fat should be the subject of concern. Because of what appears extra kilos and fat on the abdomen?

  1. Genetics, as you know, the thing is stubborn. It is believed that if it is at grandma's, grandfathers, or mothers are problems with the deposition of fat, then they can go and heir. Among the most common forms are "apple" and "pear". If you got the shape of "pear", the extra kilos go to the bottom of the body, if it is "apple", then on the belly.
  2. Poor exchange of substances. With the years the metabolism slows down considerably. Just this leads to fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity. It is known that women are more prone to deposits on the abdomen, than men.
  3. Overeating. If in day to eat a lot more sleep, then without undue kilogram can not do here.
  4. Immobile lifestyle. If a lot of the time is carried out in the vicinity of the computer or television and is completely absent from the exercise, extra kilos in the shortest possible time.
  5. Stress, nervous tension, illness. Stress or disease have a significant impact on any body, especially a woman. Stress and nervous tension, increases the level of cortisol in the body, thus can appear fat in waist and abdomen.
  6. Some hormonal changes. In particular it relates to women, whose age has long crossed the border for 40 years. The amount of fat in the body may increase in proportion to the weight of the body.

Effective exercise for the stomach

Exercise for weight loss belly very important. And, most importantly, perform them correctly, and clearly understand, the effect can be achieved only in case, if such exercise, will be permanent and will be associated with a certain food.

Consider what exercise is the most effective and important for weight loss in the abdominal area:

exercise vacuum


Enough light exercise, which is associated with breathing. Stand on all fours, the body holds on elbows and knees, take a deep breath with a relaxed belly. When exhaling, the abdomen is the need to strain and pull into each other. In this position it is necessary to endure 30 seconds.

Lifting legs

Exactly sat down on the chair, the hands should be placed on the sides palms down, to find themselves under his feet. As you exhale, knees it is necessary to lift so as to maximise pressed on the chest. In this position should last up to 10 seconds.

The sails on the sides

Exercises for the abdomen and hips. Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands should lift above your head and fold. The torso must tilt to the left so that he could feel stretching the right part of the body. Ideally, in such a situation it is worth it to endure 15 seconds. After returning to the original, the same must be done and with the right side.

Holder with rotation

This exercise has a beneficial effect on lis, hip, and lower back. It is necessary to adopt the provisions of the bar to your knees and socks touched the floor, and the body was maximally smooth. So it is necessary to hold the body 30 seconds and do a u-turn in the position of the side rails. Stand on the tips of the feet and on the forearm of one hand (right, then left), preferably about 30 seconds.


The most popular exercises for a flat stomach, which is characterized by its ease and a great result. It is necessary to lie down on the mat — face up, legs bend, taking the whole foot should be on the floor. Hands put behind the head, to take a breath, the upper part of the body is needed to lift from the floor. You want the tops to do the twisting, the head as close as possible to squeeze the belly. Exhale is a must during the stroke.

Oblique twist

The essence of this exercises is very similar with the previous views. It is necessary to lie down on the mat, hands behind head, legs bent at the knees, but the feet at all concerned the gender, but they were as if on the weight. The upper part of the body is to be increased, as well as by a simple twisting, but in the right shoulder need to be rotated to the left. The left part must remain motionless on the floor. It is also to be done even for the other side.

Twisting round

exercise bike

It is necessary to lie on the floor, hands behind head, legs lift, then bend at the knees. The right knee should be pull to the chest, then the left and constantly change them. In this case, the upper part of the body it is necessary to pick up. Is created feeling, like when spinning the wheel. Your knees should be mutually attracted to the chest, the abdomen and it should be intense.

Twisting with the legs raised

Need to lie down on the mat face up, legs to pull up and cross. The upper part of the body to lift maximum up and his hands try to reach out to stop. It is very important to watch your breath, exhale when lifting the body, inhale while lowering.

The above are a few of simple and accessible exercises that with ease will help you to get rid of fat and excess pounds. He focused on such exercises in 20 minutes a day at home, you can not only get a flat stomach and a sharp waist, but to stay healthy, beautiful for years to come.