Watermelon diet

Watermelon diet – it is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the accumulated over the years kilograms, is with her minus 10 kg per week – this is the reality. Such a program of eating not only gives the alluring contours of the figure, but also saturates the body with vitamins and beneficial substances.

Watermelon diet

Benefits and harms

The main advantage of losing weight on the watermelons – it's easy portability and the lack of a sense of hunger, than can not boast of many other techniques. In addition, drinking striped berries:

  • it accelerates the metabolism;
  • removes from the body toxins and waste products;
  • cleanses the kidneys from the stones;
  • normalizes the intestinal peristalsis;
  • reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • minimizes the risk of formation of cancerous cells.

An impressive list of useful properties of watermelon is due to its rich composition contains:

  • virtually the entire "vitamin abc's" – AND, C, PP, b vitamins (B1,B2, B3, B6, B9);
  • minerals – K (potassium), Ca (calcium), na (sodium), Fe (iron). Only 250 grams of food fiber to satisfy the daily requirement for magnesium;
  • antioxidants – niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, ascorbic acid, lycopene, carotene.

Useful melon with gastritis, hepatitis And evil of the heart, anaemia, gall bladder disease, increased blood pressure, arthritis and many other diseases. Help they and the representatives of the strong half of mankind to restore male power.

Abuse melons when kidney disease it is prohibited, so when pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, glomerulonephritis, renal failure, as well as gallstone disease and inflammation of the bladder is necessary to look for other ways to lose weight. In any case, can not be combined with alcohol, the "cocktail" can induce a severe stomach upset. And even when it is obvious prohibitions for watermelon menu no, definitely pre-consult with the doctor. If you sat on a diet and after a couple of days felt painful feelings, immediately stop such food.

How many can sit?

Classic watermelon system of weight loss is recognized as one of the strict. Despite a rich vitamin composition of watermelon, eat exclusively them for more than 5 consecutive days, is dangerous to health. If the effect will excite you to continue losing weight, it is necessary to choose a more balanced variation, for example, squirrels and a watermelon, watermelon and yogurt, etc., all the options will be offered below.

On how many it is possible to lose weight?

The result of the watermelon method depends on its duration of the selected menu, and individual characteristics of the organism. On average, for 5 days, you can lose up to 4 kg per 7 days often becomes easier to 6-8 kg, but the result is minus 10 kg per week is quite fair.


Watermelon effective diet is considered to be a mono-product, that is, it is only allowed striped berries and drink plenty of fluids – plain water, green and herbal teas. The daily dose is calculated from the weight: for every 10 kg allowed to eat 1 kg of watermelon pulp.


For example, if your weight – 65 kg, then by simple calculations, we get that per day you can eat no more than 6.5 kg of berry pulp.

For 1 day

Who prefer day diet, fit a watermelon a day. You need to eat calculated according to the formula portion of the melon, and divide it into 4-5 receptions, and drink up to 1.5 liters of water or green tea.

2 days ago

After what he saw on the scales the morning after the watermelon on a solid plumb line, many do not intend to stop there, and will want to extend the landing even at night. The next day, is allowed to eat only watermelon and drink a lot of spicy and natural fluids.

For 3 days

A long time to eat some melons dangerous, so if you need a great result without harm to health, we recommend that you choose a more extensive menu.

The power scheme is on 3 days ago


  • 200 g of cottage cheese low fat;
  • 3 small slices of watermelon.


  • 2 medium-large slices of watermelon.


  • a serving of rice porridge on the water;
  • watermelon.


  • 50 grams low-fat cottage cheese;
  • 2 cloves of watermelon.

Dinner is similar to lunch.

I know one more variant of the three-days:

The first day

  • Breakfast: serving of oatmeal, cooked in water; 300 grams of watermelon.
  • Lunch: a morning serving of watermelon.
  • Dinner: 100 gr. cooked chicken meat; salad of cucumber and greens.
  • Snack: 300 grams of striped berries.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese; a punching bag.

The next day

  • Breakfast: salad of watermelon, apples, persimmon with the addition of dried plums.
  • Lunch: automatic serving of watermelon.
  • Lunch: a couple of sandwich of black bread with low-fat cottage cheese and favorite herbs.
  • Snack: brewed soft-boiled chicken eggs.
  • Dinner: 400 grams of watermelon.

The third day

  • Breakfast: portions welded on the water millet porridge.
  • Lunch: a green apple.
  • Lunch: 450 g watermelon.
  • Snack: 200 grams of striped berries.
  • Dinner: 200 ml 1%-th yogurt.

For 5 days

Recommended for 3 days the menu can be stretched to 5. Usually this period lasts up to 5 units Per day should eat no more than 5 kilograms of watermelon. Home every morning drink one Cup of unsweetened black coffee.

For the week

If you want to in 7 days lose a few extra pounds, but do not intend to starve yourself, you will suit the proposed below the power scheme.

Diet menu

Ideas for breakfast:

  • 120 ml green tea without added sugar;
  • serving favorite porridge without the salt and butter;
  • chicken eggs (it can be cooked soft-boiled or cook him an omelette).


  • cup of tea or coffee;
  • 180 grams of cottage cheese with a minimum percentage of fat;
  • fruit salad.

Dining options:

  • vegetable salad with olive oil;
  • 200 g lean fish, baked or boiled for a few.


  • vegetable soup;
  • salad;
  • 150 gr. boiled beef/chicken breast.

Dinner (at least 3 hours before sleeping):

  • watermelon (for every 30 kg of body weight should be 1 kg of berries).

For 10 days

With the availability of excellent perseverance and a great desire to decide to leave with 6-8 pounds, a great solution will be to organize a 10-day diet on the melons. The options in the menu is known to a few, we will offer a few.

A strict diet

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner allowed to eat only berries (divide the individually calculated for each portion into 3 equal parts), drink water and leave the snacks for this purpose is perfect green apple, peaches and plums.

Sparing variant

For the next 10 days menu should be the following


  • cooked oatmeal;
  • 1-2 slices of cheese of the minimum and grease.


  • 250-gram piece of cooked, roasted or cooked on the grill, lean meat, fish or chicken;
  • salad of green vegetables, seasoned with olive oil.

Dinner (4-5 hours before going to bed):

  • watermelon. The recommended dose is calculated according to the formula: weight/30.

For 14 days

Only the most persistent will be able to resist half of the watermelon menu. The reward for this "performance" is gone was the extra pounds – often manage to recover up to 10 units Agree, is a great motivation.

Diet for 2 weeks


  • 300 grams of watermelon.

For over an hour:

  • 120 ml of green tea or black coffee without sugar;
  • toast with a dollop of low-fat cheese or 150 gr. fat-free yogurt.


  • portions, berries similar to the one you ate for breakfast.

About an hour later:

  • a serving of vegetable soup;
  • 150 gr. cooked white meat or fish.


  • 300 grams of watermelon.

For over an hour:

  • steamed or boiled vegetables.

Options diet

If proposed by the food program will not suit you for some parameters, you can pick up and other deals. Fortunately, the variation is still a dozen.

Watermelon and cantaloupe

All people can be divided into 2 categories – those who love melons, and I prefer to as a watermelon. If you are still undecided on what product you like the most, and not to suffer from diabetes, try a diet that includes both. The optimal time – 9 days. During this time, you can not only lose up to 6 pounds, but also saturate the body with amounts of vitamins and useful elements, because the melon contains sodium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iron, vitamins a, C, PP, B1, B2.


The first day

  • Breakfast: 2 toasts; 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese; 200 grams of watermelon.
  • Lunch: 150 gr. boiled lean fish; 200 g salad of watermelon, the leaves of iceberg and pieces of low-fat cheese, doused in lemon juice.
  • Snack: 400 grams of watermelon.
  • Dinner: 150 gr. cooked rice; a salad of carrots and apples; 100 g of watermelon.

The second day

  • Breakfast: 1 cooked soft-boiled chicken eggs; 150 g striped berries; 120 ml of green tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: 100 grams of stewed not starchy vegetables, 400 g of watermelon; 150 ml of water.
  • Snack: 1 cup fat-free yogurt.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of lean meat from poultry; 2 toast; 400 g of watermelon.

Day three

  • Breakfast: 400 g of berries fruits; yogurt low fat – 150 ml.
  • Lunch: 150 gr. cooked brown rice; 100 grams of boiled chicken stew, 400 grams of watermelon.
  • Snack: bread with bran; 120 ml of green tea.
  • Dinner: 150 grams of salad of cucumbers, Bulgarian peppers his sun, radishes and spinach; 1 boiled potato; 400 g of watermelon.

After his three-day menu is to be repeated. We remind you, the recommended duration of a weight loss program, the melons – 9 days.

Fruit salad

Watermelon and yogurt

Method of weight loss on yogurt and watermelon was calculated on 3 days ago. The effectiveness is explained by the fact that dairy product, as well as "strips", has diuretic effects and controls the rate of digestion. Eat recommended yogurt with a minimum percentage of fat, the daily dose is 1 liter. During the day it is necessary to alternate the intake of 400 g of berries and cups of yogurt over every 3 hours. Is designed system for 3 days, during this time, there is a decrease in weight up to 3 kg, and also to normalize the microflora of the intestines, improves the work of liver and kidneys, increases immunity.

Diet on melons and cucumbers

Cucumbers as well as watermelons contain a lot of useful substances, which give the beauty of the skin, normalize the work of intestines, warn of the development of diseases of the joints, removed from the body of excess fluid. Length system weight loss for melons and cucumbers – 14 days and includes daily use of a kilogram of vegetables, the same amount of fruit and a liter of fluid. Home during the day to eat a slice of rye bread, and in a couple of hours before going to bed you can afford a glass of yogurt.

Whereas, the poverty of the diet for a certain period, we recommend to refrain from excessive physical exertion, more rest in the fresh air, sleep no less than 8 hours a day and take vitamin-mineral complexes. Compliance with the recommendations for 2 weeks to lose up to 15 pounds. But beware: when kidney failure, ulcers of the stomach and gastritis such a method of weight loss is not suitable.

With black bread

Practice mono-diet too long is harmful for health. If you intend to lose weight at 6-10 kg, a mixture of eating watermelon with 1-2 slices of black bread, it is desirable to dry the brass closet, toaster or on a dry frying pan. The duration of such events – is not greater than 10 days, in this period you can be lighter about 10 units

Watermelon and protein foods

There is one more watermelon to your diet, which is in 10 days get rid of 6 kg, and you won't have to starve. Fits meat lovers and is considered balanced.

The essence of the program lies in the fact that after each meal you need to eat a few slices of striped berries, the same need and snacking. Daily product standard – at least 2 units

To achieve maximum results during the 10 days allowed to eat lean meat, including lean fish, cheese with a minimum percentage of fat and nonfat yogurt, drink 1% milk, water and green tea, and it is from alcohol, confectionery and bakery products is recommended to give up.

The watermelon and the buckwheat

Another version of a balanced diet, which in addition, help to become easier, includes buckwheat croup and striped berries. This menu allows you to efficiently lose weight and not suffer from hunger.

During the day allowed to eat buckwheat porridge (the daily standard – 1 kg), melon (50 g for each kilogram of body weight, but not more than 5 kg), vegetable salads (to improve the taste, it is permitted to sprinkle lemon juice or re-filled with olive oil). No restrictions you can drink water, green tea, and decoctions of herbs. Dinner should be no later than 17:00, if before going to bed you will feel hungry, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Slices of watermelon

Watermelon and apples

After collecting the autumn harvest comes an excellent time for fruit and berry diet that helps you lose up to 4 pounds in 5 days. Such food is not suitable for persons suffering from gastritis or ulcer.

During the day need to eat 1 kg of green apples and 1.5 kg of watermelon, split the stocks on the 5-6 meals. It is recommended to eat fruit in a fresh condition, but if you want to, you can bake. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids.

The watermelon and rice

Very useful is considered and weight loss program for melons and rice. On the effectiveness it is often compared with the diet on watermelons and black bread. During the diet days may not eat anything else in addition to the strawberries and cooked brown or wild rice. The daily dose of semolina – 100 g in the raw state, berries – a maximum of 500 grams for every 10 kg of weight.

The melon and cheese

Lovers of dairy products, perhaps, will have to according to the ideas system weight loss on watermelons and cheese, which is in a week allows you to recover up to 4 units In the cheese contains a mass of useful bacteria and minerals, so weight loss will not face even with the feeling of hunger, nor with skin problems, even with the unpleasant sensations in the stomach. The main rule – do not combine foods in one income.

Sample menu


  • 200 grams of dairy product.

Lunch and dinner:

  • after 2-3 slices of watermelon.


  • 150 g of cottage cheese.


  • berry.

Watermelon diet for kidney

Unfavorable ecology, harmful foods, metabolic disorders – these and many other factors lead to the formation of stones in the kidneys. Premature appeal attention to this problem, it can cause urosepsis, renal impairment, hydronephrosis, calculous pyelonephritis and other problems. Striped berry has a strong choleretic effect, which means that its consumption helps to cleanse the kidneys.


Output from the diet

For the determination of the outcome, it is important to know how to get out of them. In the following berry days limit your intake of starchy foods, fatty, fried and salty. Go on protein – eat vegetables, boiled meat, cooked, stewed fish, drink, yogurt, green tea. The usual serving of reduce in half.