Drinking diet

Drink diet, everywhere, where it is permissible to eat exclusively foods to a liquid consistency, can be safely attributed to the category of extremely effective diet regimens, whose goal is to release his own body of excessive volumes and the greatest number of kilograms of excess weight. The developers of this diet guarantee with strict respect for its nutrient diet during 30-days weight loss is 15-18-pounds, which is quite a decent result weight loss, and in addition, a complete cleaning and detoxification of the body.


Along with this, a competent nutritionists indicate that drinking diet is effective in terms of weight loss, but in terms of the intake of calories and nutrients is quite "hard" and is comparable with fasting. As experts warn that the keeping of the month of this dietary supplements rarely complete without any negative side effects from the health, expressed in varying degrees of severity, depending on the individual characteristics of the human body, emotional state, associated diseases, and many other factors.

This is the reason why the questions what is drinking diet, how much you can lose excess pounds while respecting that you can drink to drink the diet and to what consequences can lead-so "hard" mode of eating, they asked many men and women, who want to radically change your weight in the smaller side and ended up because of go to all kinds of hardship. This article will examine these and other aspects of drinking diet both positive and negative character, as in the struggle with excess weight it is important not to forget about the state of their own health, and get out of the diet in the victory over excess weight, without causing the damage to your body.

The origin of drinking diet

Like many other dietary regimes, eating, drinking diet for weight loss owes its inception to the official medicine, and especially surgery. Just when the planned operations on the organs of the digestive tract, mainly the intestines, the doctors sooner, in a few days, into them translate their patients to food with the purpose of cleaning the lumen of the intestine, which facilitate the procedure of operative intervention, and at the same time warned the development of complications. In addition, liquid food (broths, broths) was recommended to eat the sick post-operative period, to reduce the load on the digestive system and the fastest possible recovery of lost forces, but also weakened and exposure to depleted people.

Drinking diet

Actually then, and it was noticed that the consumption of liquid food is conducive to weight loss and in addition has a beneficial effect on the functionality of many of the key processes taking place in the human body, that prompted the idea to use it with the aim of reducing the body weight. Interested nutrition experiment that was created the list is the most suitable, in their opinion, drinking diet liquid products and fixed the maximum permissible duration of such a power mode, the folder 30 days.

It should be noted that the diet of drinking diet in the part of the income into the body of macro- and trace elements, vitamins and other necessary substances his very lack of, and the requirements and rules adopted by the food and maintenance of the scheme is sufficiently serious and will suit nearly everyone. Nutritionists will allow you to observe a full 30-day cycle that diet diet only in extreme cases when other diets are ineffective. Besides, who wants to lose weight on this diet one has to be excellent physical and mental health, so he recommended before starting the diet pre-learn all about the state of his body, on what first of all it is necessary to undergo a consultation with a nutritionist, psychologist, gastroenterologist, and other specialized professionals.

The essence of drinking diet

The basic principle of drinking diet is a complete replacement of all solid foods liquid a little-high-calorie foods that need to consume during the whole of the selected variants diet. In this case, the effect of weight loss is achieved a significant reduction in the calorie common food, but also because of their rapid absorption and rapid excretion. These pioneers of this mode of power claims that come with the liquid products of nutrients is quite enough for a full-fledged work of the whole organism, but in practice such a diet is, in fact, a little light version of starvation.

In addition to the effect of weight loss, the authors of drinking diet promise a full detoxification and cleaning the body, particularly those processes with them and explains that there is a need for a 30-day course of this diet food.

The first decade of the


On assurances of the creators of the drinking of the diet at this moment it is cleared triggering systems of the human organism and especially of the intestine, which may be accompanied by the emergence of plaque on the tongue. It is believed that this unpleasant moment is the norm detoxification of the organism and requires only surface removal of brush or a spoon in the process of cleaning the teeth. On the other hand, spots on the tongue may be a primary symptom of start problems with the organs of the digestive system (duodenitis, gastritis).

The second decade of the

In this time period cleansing processes affect the already intra-abdominal and organs, especially the kidneys and liver, in the area that can appear various unpleasant feelings. As in the previous case, with similar symptoms do not attach special significance, although they can testify about violation of the data the function of the organs.

The third decade

During the last ten days, according to the supporters of drinking the diet, cleaning the body is carried out already at the cellular level, without any discomfort on the part of all organs and systems of the body, the person who at this point should feel only peace and cheerfulness. In fact, many people tested by such a mode of food celebrated with me closer to the end of the 30-day diet marathon: a distinct weakness, irritability, painful sensations in the area of the digestive tract, headaches, depression, constipation or diarrhea, dizziness and other negative symptoms.

In the result, that in home conditions it is not possible to independently verify the wholesomeness of all of the above negative manifestations, when they occur it is better to contact the appropriate doctor-specialist and proceed further according to his instructions.

Entering into the diet

First of all, drinking diet for severe restriction, food intake and its caloric content, it requires a definite mental attitude and a clear awareness of all possible risks of his observance. In the case of adoption of a hard decision to expose your body so hard and dangerous test, it is necessary to advance in the course of the previous week prepare your body for the diet, supply of drinking diet. For it in the first place it is necessary to exclude from your daily menu of all harmful foods (fried and smoked dishes, alcohol, confectionery products, fastfood, etc.) and gradually enrich his dishes semi-fluid and liquid consistency (fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, soup, jelly, juice, etc.). Also, you need to train yourself to eat small portions at least 5 times during the day, do not eat at night and drink no less than 1.5 litres of pure water a day.


Varieties of drinking diet

Currently, several kinds of drinking of diet, which differ in the duration of adherence significantly cuts the diet and a few minor differences diet menu. Short options of such a diet, calculated at 1 and 3 days, it is possible to really fit into the category of useful for weight loss and system of digestion, and also relatively safe diet. More long-term dietary regimes (from 7 to 30 days), regardless of their large-scale popularization and advertising belongs to the category of dangerous for health, diet, the risk of negative manifestations, which increases as increase their duration.

The unloading of the day

Drinking fasting days you can practice a few times a month or once a week. This minimum time power mode will provide the digestive system the possibility to "rest" from the digestion of solid food and has a beneficial effect on its functionality. In addition, perform regular fasting days will support both gradual weight loss and cleansing the organs of the digestive tract. Feedback about the effectiveness of this variety of drinking diet related to weight reduction varies in the range of minus 0.5-2 kg per 24 hours, depending on the chosen day liquid menu.

Diet for 3 days

A three-day drinking diet some nutritionists consider to be optimal, in terms of effective weight loss and safety for human health. Just in three days, such varieties of diet can get rid of your body from 3-5-pounds of excess weight, without having to in it, to give him any serious damage. In compliance with this diet options currently underway complete cleansing organs of the gastrointestinal tract and normalization of metabolism. Dietary hydrated for 3 days is particularly popular with people who are trying to lose weight quickly, for example, before a summer holiday or different holidays.

Diet for 7 days

Diet drinking mode power supply, is focused on the 7 days already can be attributed to the potentially dangerous for the health of the weight loss methods that require a wellness centre, preliminary preparation, considerable attention, continuous output and, of course, caution. Menu for the week of such a diet, a home to assemble yourself from your favorite authorized beverages, however for greater efficiency recommend link liquid dishes one category and assign them according to the day of the week (e.g., Monday only drink meat broths, but on Thursday, only freshly squeezed juice). On average, drink diet 7 days helps to get rid of 5-7 kg of excessive body weight.

Diet for 14 days

Two weeks ago, a variant of the drinking diet, essentially repeats the previous mode of eating, however, it takes twice as long, that is doubly increases the health risks. Menu nutrient diet can pose precedes the choice of the day of the week, or include a few dishes from the different categories used in the course of the day. Weight loss is quite considerable, in average component 10 kg. Start this diet it is possible only on the recommendation of a nutritionist. Daily calorie all the received liquid products should be at the level of 1200-1400 kcal (some sources lead numbers 800 to 1000 kcal). Retain as an option the diet of the people, must have stable physical and mental health. They need to pre-prepare your body for such a diet leisurely, is to pull it from the diet and be prepared for the future practice of the principle of "proper nutrition." In addition, it is necessary to consider further the use of mineral-vitamin complex and carry out a permanent control of their own beings.


Diet for 30 days

The most effective and at the same time the most dangerous variant of the drinking of the diet, practically permanently, which accompanies the reaction a variety of issues from the health. The results of the weight loss period dieters reach values up to 15-18 kilogram of lost weight, but in this the positive reviews about this variant of the diet in most of the cases ends. Daily diet menu for 30 days is compiled from a variety of liquid products with a total caloric 1200-1400 kcal, take 5-6 times in the daylight hours. Those who ventured on this "hard" version of drinking diet people just have to differ excellent health and a huge force of will.

Adhere to this diet regime is possible only with the consent and under the constant supervision of a dietitian. The condition is a parallel intake of mineral-vitamin complex. It is necessary to carefully monitor the changes in his creatures, it is time to celebrate all the adverse symptoms and inform the doctor. There is a strong likelihood that the development by the end of the diet of many painful conditions, among which are most commonly observed: erosive-ulcerative lesions of GIT, anemia, diarrhea/constipation, dizziness, "hungry", swelling, fainting, depression, anorexia, secondary infections. Negative phenomena can occur from the pancreas, liver/kidney, skin and hair sheets, immune, heart, reproductive and other systems of the human body. In the case of the findings for each expressed side effects of the diet recommend to terminate and undergo a full course of adequate treatment, designated by the competent profile by the doctor.


Before filling any amount of drinking diet necessarily consult with a qualified doctor-dietician.

In the case of compliance with the long (especially 14 and 30 days) the possibility of drinking the diet closely monitor the condition of their own health and any deterioration of the I want to be your doctor.

After the end of the selected term drinking the diet strictly follow the instructions relating to the correct exit from it, and later changes to the usual diet. Otherwise, you can not only get back the whole of its original weight, and rozhojňují it.